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What to expect when you go for an Integrative Medicine consultation?

Integrative medicine consultation provides you with a comprehensive plan of care to treat you as a whole person rather than just focusing on your disease.

Integrative medicine is defined as the branch of medicine which combines conventional medicine along with other modalities of treatment available.

When you consult an Integrative medicine physician he/she includes the best evidence-based treatment options available to help your physical, mental, and spiritual health, hence Intergarive medicine is often referred to as holistic medicine.  - integrative medicine consultation

Integrative medicine practices are getting more and more popular as people are realizing that conventional medical doctors are not able to provide them with complete care. And since we as a society are acknowledging the connection of mind and body; and we realize that when one is stirred the other gets affected naturally.

Optimal Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not just the absence of disease. This is a major difference in belief when it comes to Integrative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine.

Conventional medicine believes optimal health is the absence of disease; while integrative health believes in a satisfactory balance between the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of an individual.

Hence an Integrative medicine doctor helps to restore the complete health of a person along with treating the disease that the person is initially visited the doctor for.

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When to work with an Integrative Medical Practice?

Integrative medical practice is a place where the physician works closely with their patients, they form a team and work together to reach the health goals of the patient.

Here are the most common scenarios when a person seeks to shift to integrative medicine from conventional medicine when they are currently unhappy with the conventional model of care --

The main reason being they are offered the medicine which actually is not treating their disease permanently, sometimes the medicine does not work at all.

The patient is not ready to go on medicine for chronic disease as they believe they will have to continue taking that medicine for life long.

Because their chronic disease is still at a very young stage, they want to try to reverse the disease possibly.
Another complaint that patients have about their conventional medicine doctors is that they don’t spend any time listening to the patient’s perspective of their treatment, and they feel they have no say in their own care.
The above are the most common scenarios when patients turn to integrative medicine consultations.

With an integrative medicine consult almost all these concerns get answered. Since an integrative medical practice actually, tries to reverse the disease with different modalities in addition to the currently available medicines. The consultations are very detailed since both the doctor and the patient form the treatment plan together depending on how much the patient is willing to do to reverse their disease.

 The best part is that patients feel more satisfied and in control of their care by working with an integrative medicine doctor.

The demand for integrative medicine doctors is rising rapidly. In the US itself people are spending $ 9billion every year on integrative medicine modalities.
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