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What is Dyne Check Pen and what is it used

Dyne Test Pen is an economical, quick, and easy way to measure surface moisture or surface energy. The dyne test pen, sometimes known as the Corona test pen or Sherman pen, is a simple method of determining the surface energy of most polymer-based materials.

How to complete a Dyne test?
Lightly drag the pen across the entire surface in 3 parallel passes approximately 100 mm long, disregarding the first 2 passes as they are used to flush the pen tip. Evaluate only the third pass. If the ink remains wet on the sample for 3 seconds or more, repeat steps 2 and 3 with the next higher dyne level pen.

How do you make a Dyne solution?
dyne's solution is a mixture of ethyl cellosolve and formamide. The percentage concentrations of the two chemicals determine the wetting tension or energy of the solution. The solution usually contains a dye to allow better visibility when applied to the substrate.

What is Dyne Check Pen level?
Dyne Check Pen level is a measure of surface energy. The higher the surface energy or the wick level of the surface, the better the paint and glue will adhere. Dyne Check Pen level is an essential measure in the automotive industry and in the manufacture of plastics.

How is surface energy measured?
The general way to measure surface energy is through contact angle experiments. In this method, the contact angle of a surface is measured with several liquids, typically water, and diiodomethane. Based on the results of the contact angle and knowing the surface tension of the fluid, the surface energy can be calculated.

What is the alternative to Dyne Check Pen?
Dyne Check Pen ink is also harmful to the surface being measured. An alternative method for measuring surface condition and stability is the Surface Analyzer, which provides rapid, automated measurement of water contact angle in a precise, controlled manner.

How long do dyne pens last?
Some users replace their dyne pens every 4-6 months, some prefer to refill as often as every month (some customers actually receive a delivery every 2 weeks!) Our general recommendation is that if your business Dine test is an important quality parameter, so you should replace your pen every 3 months.

How Does Dyne Check Pen Work?
Dyne Check Pen are equipped with an applicator made of a valve tip. Thus, it does not undergo "felt tip pen" or "magic marker" type intrinsic losses, providing reasonably accurate surface energy results. If the surface energy is low, it leads to poor adhesion of coatings, inks, glues, and any other polymer-based substances. Dyne Test Pen is used in the packaging industry. It determines whether the plastic material has sufficient surface tension for laminating, printing, and coating.

How to know surface energy with the help of a Dyne pen?
To measure, drag the Dyne Test Pen across the surface of the material. The liquid will form a stable film on the surface. If the film stays there for at least 3 seconds or more, it indicates the minimum surface energy of the material. If the liquid condenses back into droplets in less than 1 second, the surface energy of the substance is less than the liquid value. Thus, the energy strain can be measured. An accurate measurement of surface energy can be obtained by applying increasing and decreasing numbers of Dyne test pens.

what are the benefits of a dyne check pen?
Dyne Check Pen is used in the packaging industry. It determines whether the plastic material has sufficient surface tension for laminating, printing, and coating.

What benefits Of Dyne Check Pens?

No Scrap Material Production:- Forget the days when the quality checking process used to end up with a lot of scrap material. With a Dyne Check Pen, you don't have to worry about scrap production.

Results in no time:- Everyone likes quick results, right? With Dine Pen, you can get results in no time. All you have to do is draw a penis on the substrate and that's it. Within the time frame of 3 seconds, you will have the results in your hands.

easy to use:- You don't need to hire a skilled engineer or technical supervisor to use Dine Pen. Anyone who is well-versed in polypropylene and polyethylene treatment can perform the test and evaluate the results.

a reliable test method:- It is considered to be one of the best methods of determining the substrate treatment level. According to research, this is one of the most accurate methods to verify the level of cure.

cheap to buy:- These dye pens are not so expensive that you cannot afford them. They are affordable and easily available online. You can order from a reputed industrial material supplier and you will get a set of pens at your doorstep in a few days.

These dyne check pens do not contain dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde. These are like normal pens and contain ethanol. Furthermore, the accuracy (± 1 mN/m (dyne/cm)) is very good compared to other quality test options available in the market. There are several online suppliers who offer such dyne pens of excellent quality and the best price in the market. You can order from one of the finest quality industrial machinery and consumables.