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What do you know about Smash Karts

Smash karts is one of the most exciting racing games available today. In the game you need to drive a kart you collect lootboxes on the way to get weapons. Then use the weapon to take down your opponent in the arena. The more opponents you defeat, the more XP you will gain. Then you can continue to the next level.

Many types of weapons that you can pick up

In the mysterious boxes, you can pick up dozens of weapons. Weapons are categorized into straight shooters, lobbers, spikey and invincible, homing weapons, and drop weapons. Each weapon will have different uses and powers. For example, drop weapons would include mines and fake lootboxes that are dropped to blow up opponents. While Rockets and Bullets are used to take down opponents from a distance.

Along with weapons, the 16 maps in the game are a next highlight

Smash Island, Gravel Pit, Graveyard, Slick 'n Slide, Smash Fort, Sky Arena: Temples, Lava Pit, etc challenge you. To win against your opponents, you need to make the most of the terrain. Finally, you can also upgrade karts, exchange characters for new tokens, buy items like hats and wheels in the shop, and many other interesting things.