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What are the top uses of Dome Shelters

Container dome shelters are a wonderfully versatile product that can be used for many applications. Cheaper and more mobile than bricks and mortar buildings, a dome shelter just might be the perfect solution to your businesses space problems. You are in complete control of where you place your dome shelter, its fully weather and storm proof and is built to last.  Below are four uses for container domes but really the only limits to their usage, is your imagination.
The perfect solution for your workshop requirements whether it be for small or heavy machinery. Coming in a wide range of sizes the come shelter is a customisable outdoor workshop just waiting to happen. Plenty of natural light and you can also wire it up with floodlights for fully 24hr usage. Any clear area can become your workshop with a dome shelter from Quality Domes. Never has a workshop been so versatile with options of having an open dome with access from either end or of enclosing one or both ends to make a secure dome shelter. Delivered in kit form your new workshop is quick and easy to set up.
A quick and easy warehousing and storage solution the container dome shelter from Quality Domes is the perfect portable storage for your business. It can be fully enclosed with walls and doors to give you the perfect secure location for extra stock, cars, boats, or secret action figure storage away from your partner.
Aviation Hangar
For the aviation enthusiast the container dome is a great option for a hangar for your favourite toys. Planes and Helicopters can easily be sheltered from the elements with a container dome shelter. You can either have a fully lockable shelter or have a more versatile open hangar where you can enter and exit from either end, making parking your pride and joy a lot easier.
The agriculture industry as taken the container dome shelter and really run with it. Using it for many different uses including hay/feed storage, equipment storage, providing animals shelter and shade, and all the options we have discussed. The ability to move the dome shelter to wherever it is needed on the property, the dome shelter has become an almost necessity for agriculture industry.
Dome shelters have quickly grown to be a great addition to many businesses that are in need of portable and versatile works or storage spaces. If you are looking to expand your bricks and mortar building but don’t want to go through the planning process, then a container dome shelter from Quality Domes might just be for you.
The team at Quality Domes are experts in the field of dome shelters and are more than happy to walk you through what your future looks like under the cover of a dome shelter. There are many options available, and many domes are customisable as well, speak to the guys who live and breathe dome shelters, Quality Domes.