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What are the benefits of having a shipping container shed?

There are many advantages of having a shipping container shed, they are now becoming very popular and widely used in the city or even out on the farm. One of the main advantages of having a shipping container shed is they quickly provide a very inexpensive, durable and secure space to keep almost anything, almost anywhere.

Some of the common advantages and benefits are:

  • They are very strongly constructed  and are not easy to damaged; they can even withstand the impact of  trees and heavy branches falling on them
  • They are totally self supporting and do not require a foundation, although you can make one if you prefer
  • They can be placed on the ground, mounted on poles, on top of other shipping containers, placed so they overhang, on their ends or sides depending on your needs and application
  • Your shipping container shed can easily and quickly be painted or decorated in any style or colour you please
  • Being steel they can be welded, cut and transformed into many useful configurations with a minimum of effort or expense by most handy persons with minimal equipment
  • Shipping containers can be stacked 3 or even 4 high if required and modified to suit almost any situation
  • You can also add a dome shed top or side to give unlimited space
  • Shipping containers are readily available in almost all areas and can be delivered and dropped right onto your section or backyard, so you can begin using them right away
  • You can have windows, doors or cutouts, installed in them at almost any position you require
  • Get a large 40 ft shipping container and divide it into his and her sheds or add a liner and you have a great swimming pool beside your man cave or garden bar
  • You can have electrical connections added as well as water and sewage if required
  • Being totally water proof they are the ideal place to keep any type of equipment safe
  • Shipping containers are vermin and pest proof, nothing can eat its way inside them or cause them to decompose
  • You can choose the size you want from 10ft to 40ft or add several together to create the space you need
  • They are totally transportable to another location with minimal preparation
  • In most places, they do not require a permit as they are mobile
  • Being made of heavy steel they are designed to last forever, regardless of the climatic or weather conditions
  • Shipping container sheds can take a lot of gear and are secure from thieves

Shipping container sheds are totally earth friendly and eco-friendly or green, being recycled, when you have a shipping container shed you’re helping to save the planet and saving resources that would be needed to build a shed from traditional materials

Shipping container sheds can be used for almost any purpose including:

  • Growing plants or livestock
  • As a wood or metal workshop
  • For repairing vehicles
  • As an art studio
  • A gym, sauna or spar
  • Kids rumpus, playroom or storeroom
  • A granny flat or spare bedroom for guests

The amount of uses and benefits of having a shipping container shed are endless and best of all they are very inexpensive and very easy to personalize to fit in with any décor or style of building.