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We've been through the story or the feeling from Warlords

Submitted by anqilan456 on Sun, 11/27/2022 - 21:44

Do you think this is sustainable? Are you able to keep up the speed of quite a lot of content?

So far. [laughs]

Yes, so far. [laugs] Our team has developed steadily throughout the years It's also an issue of working smart. We've mastered the art of creating WoW in more than 12 years; some people were working on WoW here for fifteen and 16 years. This means that we've become slightly better at working on patches at a time and of combining big patches with small patches buy WoTLK Gold . Whereas 7.1.5 took not the same amount of time to work on in the form of an extension or larger patch. So far, it's been extensible , but without excessive rigor on our part.

We've been through the story or the feeling from Warlords where players were very happy initially, but following that, there were the complaints we heard which you mentioned, regarding droughts. It was a objective for us when we started Legion which is why we cannot determine how far it has come so far and so far, we've felt that 7.1 occurred at a moment that players were extremely pleased with it. 7.1.5 was released at a time which players were very content with the game. Then, despite those things being released, we are waiting for the new raid area Nighthold due out, I believe isn't feeling far too late. The release comes at a appropriate time for players, despite all of the other things that were being developed and released in between.

With these patches coming out, is it helping players to be more involved buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold? When an expansion is on, there's always the possibility of a massive influx of players. It feels like it slowly tapers off. Do regular content have helped to thwart this effect?