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Wet Grinders: Types and How to Buy Online

Wet grinders are
an important kitchen gadget, especially if you want to cook South Indian food
such as idli and dosa. It allows you to prepare the dough easily and ensures
that the dough retains nutrients and elasticity. This article will reveal how
to buy wet grinders online that suit your needs. Types of wet
grindersNormal wet
grinder:  This type of grinder is large
in size and is commonly used for commercial purposes. Even large families want
this type of grinder because of their massive needs. It is ergonomically
designed with a single stone. The steel strip uses a stone-shaped iron belt to
hold the stone. This type of grinder is heavy and consumes a lot of space,
making it a bit difficult to install and maintain.Tabletop wet
grinder:  This is a smaller version of a
real wet grinder, and it is composed of a few stones that can have a
cylindrical or conical shape. Cylinders that hold stones are usually made of
stainless steel or stone. Loading a small amount and quickly removing the dough
is a good option. Tilting wet
grinder: This type of grinder has better quality than a tabletop grinder. This
is very convenient to empty in another bowl when the dough is finished. It may
have fixed rollers and is difficult to clean.Let’s see the
features that must be taken care of before buying wet grinders online.Features of wet
grinders that must be considered before buying onlineCapacity:
Grinder capacity is in liters. Wet grinders of various capacities are
available. It depends on the ability of the wet grinder. There are 2 to
15-liter wet grinders. You can choose the right grinder according to your
requirements. As the capacity of the grinder increases, so do the type and
other features such as occupancy and weight.Drum
material:  The drum material is the surface
inside the grinder. There are various types of materials such as stone and
steel. Stones can be discarded after long-term use. For long-term use, it is
recommended to choose stainless steel drum material.Overload
protection:  Overload protection is a feature
that indicates the load on the wet grinder. When the load increases, the
grinder will stop working. This will reduce the load of moving the grinder.
This helps extend the life of the factory.Tilting: This
feature is in Tilting Wet Grinder. This helps to empty the finely ground dough
from the grinder at the end. In most cases, the wet sander may not be easy to
clean because the rollers cannot be removed.The number of
stones:  The number of stones depends on
other factors that must be considered. The zone extends from 1 to 3 stones.
Tabletop grinders usually contain three small stones for weight reduction.
Other wet grinders contain one stone and take a long time to paint, but two and
three stone grinders can move the detected particles from one place under the
stone to another.Stone shape:
There are two types of stones, cylindrical and conical. Critics say that the
conical-shaped grinders give better dough than the cylindrical grinder. Due to
its conical shape, it has sharp edges, and there is no room for escape other
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