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We have achieved good results

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Fifa15 did not think Barcelona is in crisis fifa15 interviewed many fifa15 fans and FIFA 15 players to know that Barcelona is not in crisis, and affirmed that Real Madrid will not sign Messi.Casillas said: "I do not think Barcelona is in crisis, I do not think the outside world is talking about more than the fact that FIFA 15 coins sport is a matter to see if they score in the league, King's Cup and Champions League Fifa 16 Coins.


I do not think they are in a crisis. If they are poor leaders FIFA 15 coins minutes, or in the King's Cup or the Champions League, then considered to be eliminated in crisis, but they are in three competitions have a chance, we are still very tense."Asked about the dispute between Messi and Enrique, and Real Madrid is counter signed FIFA 15 player Messi, Casillas said:"I do not know if there really is a contradiction between Enrique and Messi Real Madrid will sign plum West?


No, as far as we now have these FIFA 15 players, we played very well, we have achieved good results."Click here for more fifa15 latest FIFA 15 news and tips for playing FIFA 15 and making FIFA 15 coins on PS, XBOX. For the coming of TOTY, we have many orders to complete, please be patient to wait. Do not open dispute on your paypal.  The latest official FIFA rankings fifa15 analyze the possibility of Messi transfer Buy Fifa 16 Coins.