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Wage a war against the aliens in XCOM

Submitted by itemswow on Fri, 08/07/2015 - 22:22

XCOM 2, a full sequel to Firaxis FIFA 16 Coins extraordinary 2012 reboot of the classic turn-based strategy series, comes to PC this November.2K recently teased us with a cryptic website for the Advent Administration, a government promising better, more secure living through technology.

With a strong whiff of dystopia Apparently the alien invasion from the previous game was a success, and now XCOM is relegated to rogue status The roles have been reversed from the previous game, with XCOM now as the invading force, secretly staging guerrilla operations out of a flying air base just like SHIELD/Hydra s, while trying to manage limited resources and evade alien detection.

Related: Wage a war against the aliens in XCOM: Enemy Within, now available on mobile devicesThe reveal trailer, shared by IGN, does not contain any actual gameplay yet, but does offer a tantalizing taste of what s to come There s a flying drone that knocks out a power-suited enemy with an electromagnetic pulse, a snake alien, and even a ninja-looking fellow on your team with a sword on his back.