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Various steel products for building

Flat steel and cross bars are welded or pressure-locked together to create steel grating, also known as metal or bar grating.The two types of construction use twisted square, round, or flat steel for the cross bars. Carbon steel with a galvanised finish is commonly used for these gratings, while stainless steel is also an option.

  • Steel Beam

A steel beam is a common structural element in various contexts. Upon first glance, you may notice that their face is formed like an uppercase letter I. Since steel beams are so robust but so cumbersome, they are commonly split down the middle to make tee beams (in the shape of a capital T).
Steel beams are extremely strong and are mostly used for sustaining weight. In particular, they are frequently utilised in bridge supports and principal building frames in construction and civil engineering.


  • Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium extrusion is a process in which an aluminium alloy is forced through a die with a specific cross-sectional shape. A heavy ram forces the metal into the die and comes out the other side. The object emerges from the machine as the dice and is transported along a runout table. Aluminium extrusion Singapore has gained significant traction in product development and production recently.

  • Expanded Metal Mesh

Pressing sheet metal through an expanding machine that cuts it into a pattern before spreading it apart yields the expanded metal mesh. The holes appear at the points where the mesh was cut or remain solid and homogeneous. Heavy-duty wire mesh manufactured from expanded metal is far more long-lasting than other types of wire mesh. Because of this, it is more durable and simpler to weld. It's an improved option for jobs that need temperature control as it provides greater ventilation than perforated sheet metal. Compared to sheet metal, it's lighter, cheaper, and generates less waste during manufacture.

  • Slotted Angle Bar

Slotted angle, or slotted angle iron, is a system of reusable metal strips used to make shelving, frames, work benches, and equipment supports. This is the most common method of bending bars, as it is used for most bending tasks. Punching and turning them with a V-shaped die, slotted angle bar is formed. The angle bar is placed over the V-die, and the bending punch exerts a force.

  • Lip Slit


Wide varieties of steel are used in the cold forming of lip channel. Roll-formed lipped sections are often made from Hot Rolled Mild Steel or Z275 Pre-Galvanized Steel, two of the most common steel kinds. Lip channels are made from corrosion-resistant steels that are cold-forged for maximum durability.

  • Unistrut

The technical term for a category of systems whose primary use is to suspend objects from a roof or a wall? Unistrut is a robust system built for stopping wire rods and support brackets. All sorts of products, equipment, cables, etc., can be hung on and supported by unistrutSingapore, making it a useful tool for various trades.
Steel grating is an essential component in many commercial and industrial environments. Although steel beams may appear basic at first glance, a wide range of forms, variations, measurements, and more are designed for specific uses. Producing components with unique cross-sectional profiles requires the aluminium extrusion process.