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Various Social Bookmarking Resources

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Social bookmarking is an easy and popular way to store, classify, and share links on the Internet or an Intranet. In addition to general link bookmarks, there are specialized services in different areas such as books, videos, music, shopping, maps, etc. In a certain way, they are similar to the lists of favorites and browser bookmarks, but stored in an Internet page and adding very interesting additional functionalities.

Get the most out of social bookmarking and increase your sales effectively. Much has been said and continues to be said about the famous social networks, but few people know what a social bookmark is, despite the fact that it is usually used on a daily basis. These powerful tools are used by millions of people continuously, although the majority of the population uses them for leisure .

More direct traffic. Since bookmarks are categorized according to different types, you can use them to reach users who are interested in a particular topic. Everything will depend on the tags used in the searches and the type of bookmark selected. Most of these bookmarks or social bookmarks are respected by robots or spiders that use search engines. Search engine spiders visit these sites often to update their databases, capturing the links found on them.

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Diigo is one of the most used social bookmarking tools. It allows us to manage lists of links or bookmarks , choosing whether we share them publicly with other users or keep them private, so that only we can see them. Each bookmark will be saved with a series of terms or keywords, which facilitate its organization and subsequent search for information. In addition to bookmarks, they allow you to store other documents, images and notes.

Organize documents and favorites online and offline, allowing access from multiple platforms, in a synchronized way. Save all links to your Google account. In addition, it allows you to make lists and order by tags. There are installable versions for various operating systems, as well as a web version. Save favorite pages, allowing them to be organized by tags, offering the possibility of discovering what other users are sharing. In addition, it allows you to easily add the sites you like to your personal collection of links and categorize those sites with keywords.