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Valiant Gargoyles Highlight the Fault with Elden Ring’s Duo Bosses

Submitted by xhy082801 on Mon, 03/20/2023 - 17:58

While an initially casual playthrough of Elden Ring Runes could find issues with other duo bosses, Valiant Gargoyles represent a minimal point for future runs.

With 165 boss encounters throughout Elden Ring, it can be hard for even FromSoftware to make certain that every boss fight is probably the best in its development catalog. This is unfortunately evident when it comes to Elden Ring's Valiant Gargoyles, who block off an otherwise impressive location with one of probably the most frustrating bosses currently hanging around.

To state that the Valiant Gargoyles are frustrating isn't quite just like looking at experiencing the difficulty from the fight and seeking to find an excuse for why it could take multiple tries to finish the encounter. Instead, it's the specific style of this boss that sticks out from other Elden Ring fights, because of it being two enemies that grind harshly against combat mechanics individually and neglect to synergize together.

Elden Ring's Valiant Gargoyles' Immunities and Resistances

Looking at each from the Valiant Gargoyles individually, the issues with this fight begin with the way that the base style of these enemies conflicts using the player's toolkit up to this point hanging around. Starting with tools that casual players may not bother with, the Valiant Gargoyles are safe from every single kind of status effect obtainable in Elden Ring. This means that builds that depend on bleed, frostbite, or even the various kinds of poison to manage damage are completely baffled against either Gargoyle, for this reason, immunity.

As for the tools that almost all players will probably have when they face off from the Valiant Gargoyles, these bosses will also be resistant to almost every other kind of damage that's not status effect based. This turns fighting with Elden Ring's wide selection of swords, claws, spears, and something that doesn't specifically do striking damage right into a slog of chip damage. It isn't an infrequent tactic to create bosses harder by removing some parts from the player's toolkit when fighting them, however, the Valiant Gargoyles go an additional step by being resistant against the vast majority of options that may otherwise work for that rest from the game.

Elden Ring's Gargoyles are Worse Together than Apart

All of the problems that come with using the Gargoyles individually are rough enough during any playthrough of Elden Ring. There are even several moments where players are pitted against Gargoyles by themselves, or even the Black Blade Kindred variants, that already highlight the battle as a long, unrewarding process. However, facing off against just one of these Valiant Gargoyles is nowhere close to terrible as once the game decides to place two within the same room and also have them fight simultaneously.

Pulling from how players attack the Valiant Gargoyles, it may be important to also note the various ways that these bosses are able to manage damage themselves. Most of the attacks have all been from the bells and whistles of Elden Ring's bosses, with combos that continue for several minutes at any given time, no delay between combos, and windups that hold multiple beats more than natural before snapping into action. However, beyond all that, the Gargoyles have two specific kinds of attacks that may make fighting a couple of them extremely difficult. These are their abilities to summon wind and exhale poison.

The frustration from the wind attacks comes from the way in which wind can be displayed around bosses in Elden Ring with very little telegraphing, and also the attacks themselves last more than a single dodge can have the ability to avoid. In the case of the poison mist, the visual indication of the poison is very difficult to see while in the middle of the fight, and in addition, it ticks damage around the player together with adding the status effect. Each of those attacks would not be too terrible by itself, however when both compound these attacks together simultaneously it might you need to be easier to cheese Elden RIng's Valiant Gargoyles and proceed to the more interesting areas in it.

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