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users have created a flooring

Here, users have created a flooring brand brilliant, we have reason to believe that these companies will also loaded with honors, with a more superior quality, caring service to spare no effort to support many users feedback! The ultimate assessment, authoritative witness August 16 - 8 31, 2013,recommend cheap cheap outdoor furniture in singapore "China Top Ten Brands floor" selection expert integrated into the review stage, in a comprehensive review period, the Chinese network will invite the industry Floor numerous authorities and industry experts gathered one, with professional angle, named the most realistic score. Meanwhile, to ensure expert ratings of fairness, all members of the inspection team provisionally invited by the organizing committee to ensure the independence of the expert team investigate, without prejudice to any business or organization.

And the experts inspected the score, will occupy twenty percent of the total score, and the other seventy percent of the votes at the voting stage by the company acquired a total score converted, ten percent of the final total score by the Organizing Committee conduct user surveys to assess. Eventually, in order to determine ownership of the glory of the "Top Ten Chinese flooring brand" in 2013. Dust will be, in 2013, "China flooring top ten brands" who outdoor rubber garden pathway eventually wins the title pick? September 1, we will wait and see! Meanwhile, the September 10, 2013, "China's top ten brand flooring" list will be a grand announced.Mass consumption gradually shift to the individual consumer, creative marketing and personalized services to become the new hot spot demand.

To give consumers a fresh feeling, a good theme is essential, it must have attractive, impact, memory of these three elements, so as to be more conducive to the spread, spread to achieve the best results. Promotion of forms of creative and interactive impact on the enthusiasm of consumers to participate. Simply buy gifts, traditional methods discounts, points, prizes can not arouse consumer interest. If the flooring company to a variety of promotional replacing wood deck floor methods for creative combinations may produce unexpected results. Will buy gifts, discounts, points, sweepstakes and other promotional tools to increase interactive entertainment is also an important means of increasing the enthusiasm of consumers, so that consumers feel the game fun shopping outside. In addition, the market will become increasingly competitive mature, the future may be more competition from the low end of the price war, to manage upgrades, service improvement, product development and other deeper level changes.