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Unlucky Elden Ring Player Suffers Humiliating Death After Controller Stops Working

Submitted by xhy082801 on Tue, 04/18/2023 - 19:04

One Elden Ring Items player suffers an awkward death after his controller’s battery dies at precisely the wrong moment while seeking a late-game area.

One Elden Ring player suffered an awkward defeat after their controller battery died at exactly the wrong time. While there is no good time for any gamepad to provide out, this Elden Ring player’s controller picked an ideal opportunity to set them up for any truly humiliating death.

FromSoftware launched its dark fantasy action RPG Elden Ring in February 2023. An open world undertakes the successful Dark Souls formula, it introduced a brand new setting, and new mechanics, along with a larger world, and keeps much of what made the sooner games popular. Elden Ring would be a massive commercial and critical success, winning numerous awards. These included Game of the Year awards from The Game Awards, Golden Joysticks, Game Developers Choice Awards, and many others.

One of the numerous things Elden Ring brought over from Dark Souls is its insufficient pause function. While insufficient pausing could well be necessary for Elden Ring’s online functions, it may be inconvenient sometimes. Reddit user Brillhouse learned this hard way when his controller battery died as they were exploring Elden Ring’s Consecrated Snowfield. A short video on Reddit shows Brillhouse dismounting Torrent to look at a message from another player, just for his controller to provide out. This leaves Brillhouse’s character helpless like a Ram casually wanders up behind him before slowly and humiliatingly headbutting him to death.

Players get into Elden Ring looking to die a great deal, though Death by Sheep isn't usually something they are prepared to worry about. In fairness, Brillhouse’s health had been very low when his controller gave out. The player’s health was low enough for just one commenter to wonder when the whole thing may be staged, although it appears that Brillhouse ran from Flasks fighting a Bear within the high-level area. Still, with a few of Elden Ring’s deadliest foes inhabiting the Consecrated Snowfield, it’s amusing that the Ram will be the one to do him in. If nothing else, this incident constitutes a solid case for USB controllers.

While no one within the Reddit thread brought it up, this case might remind a few of the debate around pausing in FromSoftware games. Many games pause automatically once the player’s controller disconnects. However, the majority of FromSoftwere’s Souls-like games don't have a pause function. While there is a workaround that lets Elden Ring players pause the sport, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was the only person with an actual pause button. Such a feature may have helped Brillhouse evade this embarrassing death.

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