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Understanding Valorant's Smurf Detection Update

Submitted by TomRiva on Tue, 09/26/2023 - 17:24

Nobody enjoys facing smurf accounts in Valorant. It's frustrating to be outplayed by someone who's created a new account just to dominate newer players. This issue became so widespread that Riot Games had to take significant steps to address it.
A Deep Dive into Valorant's Smurf Detection
In a recent article published on Valorant's official website, Riot Games delves into the changes players can expect in 2023 to combat smurfing. Riot Games proudly announced the success of their automatic smurf detection system, which was introduced earlier in the year.
Since its implementation in Valorant, Riot Games reports that Valorant Smurf Accounts have been swiftly matched with appropriate skill levels in as few as four matches. One of Riot Games' primary objectives is to reduce the incentive for players to create alternate accounts in the first place. With the release of Patch 3.10, players of all ranks can now form 5-stack teams, a change aimed at addressing the desire for competitive play among friends, which often leads to smurf accounts.
Additional measures to tackle smurfing include the introduction of a new mode called "Premier," providing players with an alternative way to compete with friends. Riot Games also promises ongoing improvements to the automatic smurf detection system to identify smurf accounts even faster.
Looking ahead to 2023, Riot Games remains committed to combating boosting, account sharing, and account purchasing, all of which contribute to the smurfing problem. While it's a challenging issue to fully eradicate, players can take comfort in knowing that Riot Games is unwavering in their efforts to mitigate it.
The Correct Way to Own Smurf Accounts
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