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Top Ways to use a Shipping container shed

Finding space is often a problem in today’s busy world, but a quick inexpensive and very practical way of having a space to unwind in, is using a shipping container shed. They are great for creating a man cave or she shed quickly and easily. Sure a shipping container shed may look a bit rough and ready, but with a bit of thought and tasteful design an incredible safe lockable area can be yours.

Some of the great ways to use a shipping container shed are:

  • A home workshop complete with tools and power whether your into woodwork, metal work, engineering or just fixing and playing with stuff
  • Sewing room, maybe you’re a dress designer or maker, like making your own and family’s clothes or just love sewing. Having a room full of fabric’s, thread and sewing machines means you can be productive and creative whenever you like
  • Relaxation area. Having a nice place to relax, meditate, read a news paper or listen to your favorite music is a win, win for all
  • Wellness Area, having a calming spot where you can go to develop mindfulness or maybe do a bit of yoga and stretch out you body
  • Writers Den. A place that gives you the peace, quiet and solitude to allow your creative juices to flow can help get that novel completed
  • A Craft Room. A room dedicated to the crafts means your home can be free of clutter and your kids and you can spread out and do projects or just enjoy playing
  • Photo Studio. The perfect place to build a studio and have your own dark room for developing
  • Art Studio. Everything from pottery to engraving, painting to sculpture having a dedicated art studio allows you the freedom of uninterrupted expression
  • Music studio. You can easily make a shipping container shed into a fantastic soundproof music studio where you can play the drums, trumpet or anything else without annoying the neighbours of family
  • Media center where you can produce your own videos, films, podcast, video games of just cruse the net and enjoy a spectacular home theater with all the modern gear
  • Sports Centre. The perfect place to keep all your big boys toys and watch your preferred sports without interruption
  • A Bar. Build the ultimate bar in a shipping container shed, you can transform it to any design you desire giving it an atmosphere and ambiance to suit your lifestyle
  • Gym. No need to pay expensive gym fees when you have the perfect workout space at home with plenty of room for your team and maybe a sauna and showers
  • Gun Room. We all know you need to keep guns secure, with a heavy duty shipping container shed, you already have a huge walk in gun safe that you can keep your collection safe and secure in
  • Home office. Away from the house so you’re not frequently interrupted
  • Site office. If you’re a building contractor moving around from site to site you can have a self contained relocatable office


A shipping container shed makes a great inexpensive new space that’s weather proof and can be secured