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Top Signs which show your home is having termite damage

If you live on The Gold Coast at some stage, you would have had to deal with Termites. The climate is perfect for these little critters to thrive and with plenty of water and wood around they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In order to stay ahead of the game its best to know what termite damage can look like before you find your home falling down around you. If you get to them early Termites can be eradicated and measures, put in place to keep them away from your property. The team at Top Dog Pest Control are experts in all things termite and can provide you with reliable termite protection on Gold Coast. Here are four things to be on the lookout for around your home that would spell Termite trouble.

Floor or ceiling damage

Termites are tiny and cunning. They feed on anything you don't want them to eat around your house, like wood! Termites can do a lot of damage without being detected early enough so it's important that if your floor or ceiling has blisters or cracks in the surface, you need to get a termite inspection done as soon as possible because they might be termite-inflicted damages! You should also listen for hollow sounds when knocking around your house - this is another sign of termite infestation.

Damage to your walls

Termite damage to wall cans often resemble minor water damage but is quite a serious and complicated issue to fix. This can make it difficult for homeowners like you who are unaware of the termite-related degradation taking place on your property. When this happens, moisture may be getting in through cracks in paint or plaster that have been caused by termites eating away at timber internal walls and weakened them structurally – Top Dog Pest Control can help you with all your termite protection on The Gold Coast.

Mud Tubes

Termites are no joke. These subterranean insects require special shelter for protection once they emerge from the ground, which is often in the form of mud-works tubes made out of dirt or termite droppings. Although the mud tubes may be difficult to find they are sure fire evidence that termites are planning an invasion. Once you find these termite highways it’s best to call your termite protection experts on The Gold Coast – Top Dog

Power is cutting out

Termites are often attracted to the warmth of electrical fittings behind walls- so if you notice that your power is cutting out as a regular occurrence at your place, these critters may be the reason. A good way to confirm this is by inspecting your electrical fittings and power points. If you spot a build-up of earthy materials such as damp mud or soil, it's best to contact the team at Top Dog Pest Control team for help in cleaning up and fixing any problems they find before termite infestation gets worse!

With these four things to look for you can help to keep your home termite free, but you must be vigilant. Annual pest inspections should always be undertaken to ensure that there isn’t something hiding from you, chewing away at your greatest asset. Speak to the team at Top Dog for all your termite protection on The Gold Coast.