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Top Careers After Electrical Engineering: Exploring Exciting Career Paths

Submitted by chegg77 on Mon, 08/07/2023 - 03:33

Did you know that by 2025, the market for Indian electrical equipment would have grown by 12% CAGR and will be worth over $70 billion? Sounds fantastic, right? Particularly if you are a student of electrical engineering and are considering your best options for professions following electrical engineering. Additionally, electrical engineering is a well-known subfield of engineering. And the list of electrical occupations is always growing as a result of the enormous need for electronic equipment, processors, designs, etc.

You must, however, select the vocation that best suits you from among the many job options in India's electrical engineering industry, so you must be informed. The finest career options following electrical engineering are listed here.
14 Careers After Electrical Engineering: Scope & Avg. Salary 2023
1. Power Engineer
2. Control Systems Engineer
3. Research and Development Engineer
4. Electronics Engineer
5. Robotics Engineer
6. Renewable Energy Engineer
7. Micro Electrical Engineer
8. Electrical Engineering
9. Instrumentation Engineer
10. Telecommunications Engineer
11. Electrical Design Engineer
12. Acoustic Engineer
13. Aerospace Engineer
14. CAD Engineer