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Top 5 tips for choosing a pest control company

Many household pests can be controlled by ensuring your home and surrounds are clean and tidy, removing and incentive for pests to invade as they require food, moisture and shelter, but some will arrive and invade your property regardless of what you do. Having a good termite barrier on Gold Coast and regular follow up inspections will not only ensure your home is termite free, but the inspections are so through they will identify any other pests that are present.

Choosing the best pest control company is not always straight forward so these top five tips will help in making the right choice:

1. Reputation and web presents
It goes without saying that most of us want both quality and good value, so care needs to be taken and it pays to do your homework when selecting a pest control company. A simple Google search will give a list of companies in your area of the Gold Coast
If they don’t have a good web presence, it’s unlikely they are very professional or competent. You can check their online reviews and customer reports and references.

2. Quality and value
Competition is fierce and there will not be a large variation in prices, but be weary of companies who offer a bargain deal or a package such as garden or tree clearing. Pest control is a specialized industry and the technicians who eradicated pests are highly qualified and experienced, so only concentrate on pest control.

3. Do they offer free estimates
The top pest control and termite treatment companies on The Gold Coast will offer a free estimate so get several estimates to gauge the right price.

4. Ask relevant questions
• Find out how many years they have been in your area
• Ask about the qualifications of the person doing the inspection, removing any pests or applying any chemicals. Are they certified, registered and or licenced
• Ask about the type and toxicity of any chemical being used
• Do they offer a warranty or guarantee and if so for how long
• Are they covered by the relevant insurances and can you see an insurance certification?
• Are they able to provide a list of contactable references?
A reputable and reliable pest control companies will easily be able to show you their credentials as well as relevant information about the methods and chemicals they use as well as any precautions they or you need to take.

5. Ask Around
Talk with friends, neighbors and others who live in your area, including local building and supply companies or real estate agents, you will quickly find out if a company has a good reputation or should be avoided

Finding a good pest control company and one that is able to provide a good termite treatment Gold Coast is a matter of taking time to check different local companies and their reputation through friends, local residents, online reviews and local searches.