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Top 10 causes of high cholesterol

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A desirable level of cholesterol is essential for the body to function properly. When the level of cholesterol within the body increases, it causes blockage, stokes and other cardiovascular problems.

Nowadays, more and more adults are struggling with high cholesterol, due to various reasons. Here is a list of the most common causes of high cholesterol.

Unhealthy diet

Consumption of saturated fat can cause high cholesterol. Saturated fat is found in food that is high in cholesterol and fat. These are foods like red fatty meat, butter, cheese, cakes, ghee etc.

Avoid or limit the intake of food items with saturated fat.

Hereditary factors

If there is a family history of high cholesterol, then maybe it is a reason for you to start worrying. The inherited form of high cholesterol may lead to early blockages or stroke.

Being over-weight

Obesity or even simply being overweight is another cause of high cholesterol. Besides, damaging your social life, it increases triglycerides which further cause blockages.

Hence, maintain your weight to ward off the risk of high cholesterol.


People who spend their life sitting or lying the whole day are at a huge risk of high cholesterol. An active life can lower triglycerides and also help you maintain your weight.


Cigarette smoking plays a significant role in your cholesterol level. It lowers the level of good cholesterol as well as your lifespan.

Therefore, quit smoking to maintain your cholesterol level and live healthily.

Age and gender

The level of cholesterol naturally begins to rise, as you turn 20. Level of cholesterol usually increases until the age of 60-65 years, in both genders.

Females generally have low cholesterol level before menopause.

But after menopause, women can have higher level of cholesterol than men. Hence as, you age maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.


Some medicines can increase the level of triglycerides. Thus, before popping a pill, consult your doctor.


Consuming alcohol regularly can damage liver and heart muscles, which leads to high blood pressure and causes the level of cholesterol in the body to rise.


When people are stressed they usually console themselves by smoking, drinking alcohol or eating fatty food items. Hence, prolonged stress may cause blood cholesterol to increase.


Certain diseases like diabetes and hypothyroidism increase the level of cholesterol in the body.

For this reason, carry out a medical examination regularly, to keep your cholesterol level under control.Read more at:occasion dresses