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Toddlers and their love for toy vehicles

Anything with wheels seems to be popular among children everywhere. Why do they adore cars, aircraft, trains, and other such vehicles? There is a lot of significance in children's fascination with cars and trucks.
Toddlers are familiar with cars
Since kids are familiar with cars, trains, and other vehicles, that is where the infatuation begins. Both in person and on TV, they have seen them. Kids' vehicles are familiar objects that pique their curiosity, whether they talk about cars from their favourite television show or the vehicles they often enter and exit. Toddlers are renowned for their passion and adoration of objects that move and make noise since these items resemble them.
They get particularly drawn to the horn of a train, the flashing lights of railroad track signals, the boom of a garbage truck emptying a trash can, and the lights and sirens of emergency vehicles. Since kids are accustomed to seeing them, they adore playing with trains, cars, and other toy wheels.
Playtime is essential in a child's life and supports self-awareness and character. Playing with toy cars, dump trucks, and ride-on cars is a prime illustration. Even before they are a year old, kids are fascinated with anything with wheels. Whatever the justification, your child's obsession with trains, tractors, and cars is entirely acceptable. These toys may be a beneficial component of their education 
They help grow the mind and acquire fine motor abilities and STEM education. A toy car allows them to study how slowly or quickly toys move and understand how much pressure they use to change the direction or speed of the toy automobile. They learn about their strength from this early lesson. Hence, playing with toys and ride-on cars can support your child's physical, social, and emotional growth.
Every toy that can get used in various ways promotes children's development even more. Because you can grasp them, begin to comprehend gravity and spin, and begin to utilise them in symbolic play where they are now the car of the kid's world, toys have a lot of potential uses. Kids can learn to play with others by using toy cars and trucks. Toddlers may play different games with their vehicles.
Still, as they grow older, they can collaborate and tell stories using their cars. These toys are also fantastic for helping kids improve their fine motor skills through activities like developing a toy train, dealing with frustration when the tracks do not quite fit, or the trains topple over and need to get fixed.
Giving a child a toy that is too challenging or complex for their development should be avoided as it frustrates them, and they cannot function independently. Children may learn more and get more comfortable with simple toys like a fire truck, ambulance, school bus, or garbage truck.