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Tips for Choosing Memorable Wedding Invitations

You are getting closer to the big day and you want your wedding invitations to make a lasting impression on your guests. You want your friends and family to be happy when they open the invitation. An invitation that stands out will make them remember it and encourage them to save the date. The perfect wedding invitations will inspire guests to be excited about the event. - acrylic wedding invitations

Your wedding style should be reflected in your invitation design. Your wedding invitation is the first thing your guests see. The invitation should not only list the date and location of the wedding but also give subtle clues about the formality of it. Your wedding invitations should reflect the formality and elegance of your event.

It is important to know the theme of your wedding. This shouldn't be a problem for brides. However, if the groom is responsible for ordering the invitations, he should work with the bride and the maid-of honor to make sure no mistakes. If the wedding colors are mint green and pink, and the invitations are printed in lime green and coral, it would be a terrible mistake.

Consider incorporating your colors in a motif on your wedding invites. Then, you can streamline the other shades using the rest of your wedding paper. This will give your wedding invitations a cohesive look. An example of a formal invitation is one that comes in ivory, cream or white card stock, and pairs well with black or golden font. This is your day so pick what you like.

Consider the size and shape of your wedding invitations in relation to the type of wedding you are planning. For a traditional look, formal weddings use rectangular cards. If you want your wedding to be more playful, consider a circular, scalloped or square invitation. Remember that the larger the envelope, the more expensive the postage.

Legibility is an important aspect of your invitations. It is important that your guests are able to read the invitations. This is important when you choose a font that contrasts with other colors or patterns. Avoid using light ink on dark backgrounds, and vice versa. When guests read your text, it should be visible on the paper. Avoid using scripted fonts.

Your invitations should be written with elegance. This would traditionally be the parents of bride. Be sure to clearly spell out all details, including the date and the time. A request line can be added after the name of the host to give your wedding invitations a more traditional look.

Don't over-schedule the wedding invitation by listing only the most important points. These include the time, location, hosts, names and RSVP details. You can include the dress code for your ceremony if you wish, but it is not mandatory. If you include too much information, it can make the invitation difficult to read and appear chaotic.
Don't include gift registry information in your wedding invitations. This information should be only listed on your website. This information should not be included on any invitations.

Make sure you start preparing your wedding invites in advance. Don't wait too long to send your invitations. This will make it more difficult for people to receive their notice of your nuptials. Your invitations should be ordered at least five months before your wedding, and sent out to your guests six to eight weeks prior to the event.

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