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Things you can never do to sex dolls

Things you can never do to sex dolls
Sex dolls cannot stand for long
It is a quilt, which can be used for pillows, cushions, etc.) to prevent the doll's back cloth curve (especially the buttocks) from being squeezed by its own weight for a long time, causing deformation and squashing, especially for tpe dolls.

Letting silicone sex dolls stand in a corner of the house is a storage method that many people who do not understand 1:1 simulation silicone dolls often think of. Here I want to remind everyone that in fact, most physical dolls "cannot stand "It’s the same even for some relatively high-end dolls of certain Japanese brands. Manufacturers will especially emphasize "only standing for a short time."
Hanging is a very good way to store male sex dolls, because any side of the body will not be squeezed by the doll's own weight when the doll is hanging. If there is a closet, hanger or other kind of shelf with strong load-bearing capacity in the home You can consider hanging the doll.
The standing function of the sex doll is designed for taking pictures

The standing function developed by Japanese sex doll manufacturers is actually designed to meet the needs of baby owners to take photos and poses, not to solve the storage problem. Please pay attention to everyone here! The raw material of TPE sex dolls is very soft. When the doll stands, the weight of the doll's body will fall directly on the sole of the foot, so it is very easy to cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even the metal skeleton pierces the outside of the hanging sole, so I recommend the best Don't even try to "stand shortly", otherwise the damage to the soles of the doll's feet will outweigh the gain!
Do not let sex dolls sit on the sofa for long periods of time
It is also a very straightforward idea for baby friends to let mini sex dolls sit on the sofa for a long time. They think that there is always no problem in letting physical dolls sit on a soft sofa, right? What I want to tell you here is that this is also a very wrong way of storage, because when the doll stays in a sitting position for a long time, his hips will crack due to the weight of the upper body and the squeeze of the thigh meat for a long time. Keep the doll in a sitting position. Please be sure to limit it for 1-2 days. After sitting for 1-2 days, be sure to return to the lying or hanging state to ensure that the doll's body does not receive any pressure.
The hanging method of dolls of different brands may be slightly different. It is recommended to consult the customer service of the manufacturer in advance to avoid damage. It is recommended that if the above conditions are not available at home, it is recommended to buy a pulley hanger on Amazon to hang your own sex doll. There is also a customized version, you can search for it yourself.