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Things not to be Missed at San Francisco

The city is quite big in terms of attractions & other great activities. However, it ranks among the top 10 most visited places & there are multiple answers to What should you not miss in San Francisco?
It'll be better to list the various activities worth exploring & enjoy the vacations.
San Francisco serves as a commercial & cultural centre situated in North Carolina. Moreover, it's the 17th most populous & the fourth most in California. However, the Golden gate bridge, followed by the steep streets, makes it quite famous & best to spend the holidays with family.
Here are Things You Should not Miss Here:
Golden Gate bridge:
The best thing involves the magnificent views from all around that are worth some clicks. While being this beautiful, the visitors can't afford to miss walking over the golden gate bridge. However, it's among the most recognized sites & crosses about 1.7 miles over the water.
Moreover, you can go on a cycle or bike ride, which will be quite a great experience. However, watching it from far away makes it a moment of great pleasure for all & the blend of the ocean & blue sky makes you feel special.
Cable car:
The hills rather cover the whole city of San Francisco & if you wish to get tired, climb them. On the other hand, flying to California via Aeromexico airlines offers cheap flights & recliner seats with personal space in first class.
Travellers can easily board cable cars & get a different travel experience from worldwide commuters. Well, these cable cars have been transporting since the late 1800 & prove to be a big surprise. If there is a problem, speak to the live representative through Spirit Airlines Español Teléfono.
The best thing is you can capture these moments & upload them on your social media accounts. Although, these are things that are quite worth trying & experiencing something new.
You might get surprised after knowing that it's a prison, but not a regular one as considered among the famous or infamous places. It's quite located in the middle of the bay and serves the majority of the criminals. A majority of the criminals have tried to escape.
The interesting part is that it has made its way to the big screen & there are guided tours available. You can get several kinds of facts along with important historical details that create some curiosity to know more.
Explore Chinatown:
If you think  What should you not miss in San Francisco? Then it's probably a tour of Chinatown. Well, it begins at Great Avenue & Bush street is recognized to be the oldest one in America. On the other side, it is made of 24 city blocks & comprises numerous attractions.
There isn't any doubt that the visitors will have a great time shopping, dining, temples & more. However, travelling to these kinds of venues makes you feel more special. You can stroll around & look for various things that can be part of unforgettable memories.
Sea lions:
Several amazing things are waiting for your arrival & among them are Sea lions. Well, a community of sea lions stays at the docks in Pier 39 Marine & you can form a queue to enjoy these views. Now, from this place, there are several main attractions that you can easily cover.
There are a few names like San Francisco Dungeon, Madame Tussauds, Museum of 3D illusions & more. In addition, there are multiple food options offered with delicious cuisines.
These are times when you are away from the boring regular life & try to get involved with something new. Moreover, there are other entertaining activities to enjoy.
Golden gate park:
Now, it's time to visit an open green space & with 450 hectares of land that makes it larger than New York city's central park. As these things somehow determine, What should you not miss in San Francisco?
While planning an outing at this place, it probably helps to witness multiple attractions. Some of the must-visit attractions are the Japanese tea garden and the beautiful flower conservatory. These are among the marvellous views from around & let's enjoy. You can go cycling on the 10 km path.
On the other side, you can also move to the recreational area, a large green space for the best views.
Telegraph hill:
It's a residential area located in the city of the US state of California & it's quite advised to climb on the top of the hills through the harbour. Here, the people will get to enjoy maintained houses & flower gardens. While being on the top, you can afford the Coit tower.
On the other side, the overall views of the whole city followed by the bay are worth admiring & enjoying. You can also enjoy the typical design of American architecture that attracts people during the visit.
Well, it's recognized among one of the famous seven hills in the city.
Lombard street:
It witnesses the majority of the tourists in the whole world & it's a road that extends from the Presidio to Embarcadero. It is probably the answer to What should you not miss in San Francisco?
You can go for a walk alone or with the family & try to understand some facts. It offers an amazing stretch between Hyde street & Leavenworth street & these are worth clicking the pictures. You can travel via car, but moving in one direction is decent.
Multiple surprising elements make your visit worth this place.
Go for a picnic:
A picnic in the park before Karl will be a great idea to make this vacation more interesting. As Dolores park somehow proves to be the best for enjoying the morning & afternoons.
Other than these, there are about 16 acres of grassy area where you can play & enjoy. Now to make it more amazing, the overall views of the whole city will keep you engaged for a long time.
You will get to spend some best time with the family & make the bond more strong. The visitors can move to the nearby places located at two sq miles.
Outdoor festival:
It's the best example of What should you not miss in San Francisco? & that is enjoying the outdoor fests. Yerba Buena Gardens Festival is organised during summer between May to October & hosts several events.
On the other side is the Stern Grove Festival which is quite a tradition in San Francisco. It’s a great outdoor music festival where famous artists like the Doobie Brothers, Talib Kweli & others are welcome.
It will be among the best memories of the trip & an environment like this makes you feel relaxed & calm. You can also go ahead & explore the whole place personally to learn about it.
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Walking tour:
Except for the above things, to get into the depth of the city of San Francisco, it’s better to go for a walking tour. As these provide the commutters with a quiet mind blowing experience in the United States. You can enjoy the food and Castro tour along with the mission district.
The list of What should you not miss in San Francisco? does not end here; people can access the player dugout, along with the luxury suites & more amazing features to enjoy. However, it’s quite a great approach to spending great vacations along with the family members.