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They couldnt do the same for the In Form

Submitted by sellfifa on Wed, 09/30/2015 - 18:40

They all made the mistake of putting stamina values for the regular cards because those attributes came from the other game modes. Actually, this stamina didnt exist and it would have been better if they didnt put anything so that there was no confusion Cheap Fifa 16 Coins.

They couldnt do the same for the In Form because those cards didn’t exist outside of Ultimate Team. The most precise ones said there was no stamina. Others said it was ‘99’ because all players had maximum stamina, which wasnt a complete lie. The ones that put ‘80’ did that because this was the fitness value for cards that had just been released.

Myth unveiled?Conclusion: in FUT 15 there is stamina, the players get tired easily and you will have to know how to handle with that.If you want to see the stamina of one of your players, pause a match and follow this path:Team Management Squad Player Details (R3) Mental / Physical Comparation Stamina Consumables and StaffLike we already said, there are two ways to restore a player’s fitness: you can put him to rest or you can apply fitness consumable cards to have him fresh right on. Even him being injured doesnt mean you can’t use him, you just need the right physio sessions for his recovery Fifa 16 Coins.