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Is there a right time to purchase new toys for children?

It is a common scenario that parents look at their child's messy room and promise they will not buy any more toys! Of course, the commitment is just momentary, and they know they will delight their little lads frequently with a fresh collection of new toys.
On occasions like birthdays and festivals or when there are discount toys online, parents like to surprise their little ones with various toys. Sometimes the kids receive endless gifts from their grandparents, friends, and family. But whether they are needed, and they need all of them remains to worry the parents.
Toys need a change as age progresses.
One of the things to consider is that the set of toys needs to change frequently and be replaced with new toys. While it is normal for children to keep one or two of their favourite ones in the closet, the toys need to change every few months with the progression in age. As per experts, new toys are essential for children to learn something new and exciting.
When the toys start to bore them
After a while, the children stop getting amused by the toys. They stop engaging with them and mar their creativity, making their playtime less enjoyable. In contrast, when the child has new toys, they come up with more zeal and enthusiasm. They get better ideas and more creativity to play with the new toys. This enhances their focus and makes them active participants in the activity.
How many is enough?
If you are looking for a precise answer to how many new games for kids are enough, then it is hard to narrow down the ideal number of toys a child needs. However, there are other approaches to determine the same. Basis the aspects jotted above, you can decide how many and how often your kid needs a new toy and what kind of toy pleases him the most. This way, you will know that you have maintained the proper inventory for your boys and girls.
What type of new toys should you bring?
Selecting a suitable toy is also an essential part of parenting. While toys are the building blocks of a child's development, it is imperative to understand the range of toys available and children's inclination and interest towards a toy. The suitable toys allow the children to understand the world around them, sharpen their abilities, and hone their skills.
For example, when your child becomes an infant, they need to be introduced to motion and sound toys. When your child becomes one year old, you will need new approaches to help them crawl, stand, and take baby steps. When the child grows older, these motion toys need to be replaced with new activity toys that can complement the developmental needs of the kid.