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That's what a 40-year-old woman looks like

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 11/24/2021 - 21:26

Yi Shu once said: "When I am 40 years old, having a little savings, a considerate husband and obedient children means success." However, real life is much more than that. Intelligent women will not give up their image, beautiful posture can not only please others can also please yourself, a woman who loves her is always charming.
Today, I'm sharing fashion expert Tamaru Maki from Japan. At the age of 43, she is still beautiful. Her clothes are simple, elegant and fashionable, especially some light and intellectual daily dress is favored by her fans. She is very good at matching colors to add points for temperament, not tender, not old, beautiful posture and easy to look at.
Languid is lazy soft sweater, can bring the body the closest caress, also can autumn winter season most the sheet that nots allow to miss is tasted, not only warm 100 match, still can bring the halcyon of the heart, release the elegant temperament that gives a woman easily.
The grey sweater is delicate and elegant
Sweaters are a must-have for fall and winter. Whether worn alone indoors or folded outdoors, sweaters can convey elegance and create a warm and graceful posture. Mature 40 years old left and right sides of the female, when choosing sweater colour, low-key temperamental gray is worth having, not make public also not boring, and 100 match do not carry color of skin again.
As the growth of age, middle-aged women in the process of dressing up, need to reduce the feeling of playing small painstakingly. The choice of among them color is crucial, for instance the color of a few pink is tender, although it looks to be having the effect that reduces age, but the requirement to color of skin and temperament is more rigorous, carelessly, can bring forcibly dress up tender embarrassment.
Gray belongs to the combination of white and black. The gray with a little more white has a higher lightness and gives a feeling of lightness and gentleness. Gray, which tends to be more black, has a lower lightness and gives people a more mature and stable feeling, but it also has a bit less serious feeling than black.
On the choice of style, loose cardigan can always build a languid is lazy and gentle atmosphere, tolerance for figure also is very friendly, especially some middle-aged women would face shaded fat, etc., such as waist adipose accumulation is overmuch, under the blessing of loose cardigan sweater, hide in the invisible, can show elegant temperament.
Set the style of the head, appear simple and easy, mainly in the design of the neckline to make distinction. If the female with short neck and thick shoulder chooses the style that V gets is having the effect that show thin, also can bring a few minutes of female sex appeal and charm. Like the woman with contracted and gentle wind, the style of round collar suits most, lower outfit matches the half skirt of an elegant, gentle and elegant very stand to see again.
Of course, want to wear build outstanding, fold the way that wear not allow to ignore, simple single article is combined, can form 1+1 is greater than 2 picture. This look, for example, combines a turtleneck sweater with a shirt-skirt, which not only doubles the warmth, but also creates layers, creating a casual look at the shirt neckline that is stylish and flattering.
Walk down the street in a black knee-length coat and black boots. The color collocation is also very simple, the combination of light gray sweater and light yellow shirt, gentle and elegant, and the collision with black, neither too thick, also will not be dull.
Tamaru Maki's color palette is simple and one-sided, which is one of the reasons that many fans like her. In addition to elegant grey, classic black is also a must in her outfit.
Black is classic and stylish
As a classic black, fashion people have always loved it, but black is too common, it will be easy to wear a mediocre feeling, the possibility of collision unlined upper garment is extremely high. Need from colour collocation proceed with. For this look, For example, Tamaru chose a short black sweater and a plaid maxi skirt for a retro look that was both tall and slim. At the same time, it can break the dull feeling of black.
Black ubiquitous sex need not say much, with all sorts of color combination won't produce violate with feeling, among them, the collocation of black + yellow is particularly conspicuous absorb eyeball, want to be in the area of proportion to handle appropriately reasonable, can build give absorb eyeball not show fancy fashion modelling again.
For example, the black sweater matches the half skirt of bright yellow, and the foot steps on black boots. The half skirt of yellow is a short style. As an ornament, it not only plays the role of brightening the model, but also can play the role of enriching the model. Camel color long coat outside, chic and temperament.
If the ability to control the color is not enough, you can use a whole body of black collocation, black modeling up and down, can play a role in slimming, but also can form the unity of color, not pick height and not pick skin color.
The modelling of such a suit black, fold outfit apply most convenient, the collocation of coat can allow oneself be fond of. Tamaru Maki with a long trench coat, loose style more and more show the feeling of shaking in the clothes, thin limited high. The unique design of this trench coat, the combination of khaki and plaid, is full of personality and interesting.
The sheet of black and white gray that needs to show temperament not only in almirah of mature female is tasted, gorgeous color also is indispensable existence. Bright color makes person mood more anacreontic, want tie-in only proper, wear the picture that gives not vulgarity not make public again like.
Red is one of the most passionate and intense colors, and wearing it instantly fills your heart with energy. Tamaru Maki wearing red sweater with black slim pants, red and black collocation classic atmosphere. The soft and waxy sweaters are loose and soft, bringing out the softness and charm of women. And wide under narrow collocation way, also can show the graceful posture.
The female of 40 years old left and right sides, need not too too formal on colour collocation, the female of this age group, mature, wisdom has individual character very much again, might as well draw on the match color means of Field pill maji for reference, the union of dark color + bright color won't be too luxuriant won't appear too drab already, suit light ripe female as it happens, vogue is advanced.Read more at:red formal dresses australia | formal dresses perth