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Tata 709g LPT Truck - Best For Distant Transportation

The Tata 709 truck is one of the most versatile trucks that are best for commercial transportation. It comes with superior gradeability and a lower cost of ownership to help you earn better revenue every trip. Moreover, with the help of advanced technology, the engine of the Tata 709 truck is regularly upgraded to produce the most efficient power output in the working field. As a result, this truck has remarkable value in the commercial vehicle segment due to its reliability and excellent performance. Also, Tata 709 Price is cost-effective, so the customers can easily buy it.

Highlighted Points About Tata 709g LPT Truck

1. This truck has 83 HP power with the In 3.8 SGI engine that can do various transportation works easily.

2. It has Full S-cam Air Brakes and a Graduated valve controlled spring brake chamber integral with Rear Brake type parking brakes that prevent slippage and protect the vehicle.

3. The fuel tank of this model is 300 litres, which provides good working hours.

4. This truck is manufactured with a 3800 MM wheelbase, 216 MM ground clearance and 6750 MM minimum turning radius.

5. It has a Single plate dry friction type- 280 Mm dia. type clutch and GBS27 5 Speed Manual Synchromesh Gearbox (5F, 1R), PTOP type gearbox that provides smooth transmission.

6. The GVW of this model is 7300 Kg and provides super-maximum speed.

7. The engine of this model generates 285 NM of torque which is best for many applications.

8. The Tata 709 Price range is between Rs. 14.57 Lakhs* - Rs. 16.18 Lakhs*.

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