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Talking of last minute goals

Submitted by Greenshopp on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 17:15

If we can come away from Old Trafford with NBA Live Coins our unbeaten run still intact then I've every confidence we can win the cup replay AND defeat Aston Villa in the next round (I'm sure it won't be Doncaster!). I'm already envisaging last minute revenge on Martin O'Neill's men.Talking of last minute goals, it still amazes me how many fans choose to leave grounds prior to the final costs a fair amount of money nowadays to watch top flight football and every minute should be savoured as far as I'm concerned. We're now awaiting the results. Robin van Persie's late goal earned a point for the Gunners.

David Moyes has admitted he may not be able to add to his squad this month.The Everton manager has been searching for potential additions to bring to the Club on loan, particularly as he has a dearth of fit strikers at present.The Inspector, Wendy Burden, said she would condsider his written proof of evidence.First, KEIOC called Trevor Skempton. He said his proof of evidence had identified potential alternative sites, some of which had substantial merit'.