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Spain is the biggest winner

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The three members of the German World Cup team, including former captain Lahm included.Team of the Year at the guard position will have four people elected. Best 11 list will be published on January 12 next year in Zurich FIFA Ballon d'Or ceremony.A total of five shortlisted players from Brazil, Spain each has four people, while the Netherlands, Italy and England has no selected Fifa 16 Coins.


There are three candidates for the list did not participate in the Brazilian World Cup players, are Alabamaof Austria, Serbia's Ana Ivanovic and Spanish Carvajal.FIFA announced on the 28th candidate midfielder. From the perspective of the club, Real Madrid and Juventus became the biggest winner, three players were named best midfielder shortlist. Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea have both selected, second only to Real Madrid, Juventus.


At the national level, Spain is the biggest winner, a total of up to four players selected, followed by the German contribution to the three people. The other eight candidates were from eight different countries.Welcometo share the best sport news with us.  Manchester city  to the second after win Southampton Barcelona Luis Suarez agree with club legend Suarez Buy Fifa 16 Coins.