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Son Dong-Hyun and Park Young-Hyun of KT's Sure-Win Relay Pitching Team

Son Dong-Hyun and Park Young-Hyun of KT's Sure-Win Relay Pitching Team, Side by Side, Pitched Without Giving Up Any Goals

Roxas returns, operates his first cannon... kt defeats SSG with 8-4

Son Dong-hyun and Park Young-hyun, who are responsible for the back and back of professional baseball KT Wiz, pitched well together in their second exhibition game appearances.

Son Dong-hyun took the mound as the team's second pitcher in the 4th inning in an exhibition game against SSG Landers at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th and pitched 2 innings with only 1 hit and no runs.

Park Young-hyun, who received the baton in the top of the 6th inning from Son Dong-hyun, also pitched 29 pitches, one short of the scheduled 30, and finished the 2nd inning cleanly with 3 strikeouts. 카지노사이트킹

The two struggled in their first appearance in an exhibition game against the LG Twins on the 9th.

Dong-Hyun Son allowed 2 hits and 1 run in 1 inning, and Young-Hyun Park allowed 1 run in 1⅓ innings.

Before the game that day, KT coach Lee Kang-cheol was worried that Park Young-hyun and Son Dong-hyun's pace had not picked up yet.

Dong-Hyun Son is a setup man who appears on the mound in the 7th to 8th inning, and Young-Hyun Park is a new closer.

In particular, Park Young-hyun was unable to pitch in a single game during the spring camp practice game due to rain, so his sense of real-life performance has been greatly reduced.

Park Young-hyun and Son Dong-hyun are not on track to join the national baseball team and must play in evaluation games against the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres on the 17th and 18th, so Coach Lee is deeply concerned.

Fortunately, Son Dong-hyun dispelled concerns by raising the maximum speed on this day to 146 km per hour.

Park Young-hyun wasted a lot of pitches in a 10-pitch battle with Cho Hyeong-woo, but hit a top speed of 146 km/h.

However, only 11 out of 18 fast balls were judged as strikes, so the control was not very satisfactory.

kt defeated SSG 8-4.

Foreign hitter Mel Rojas Jr., who returned to KT after 4 years, made his first hit with a solo home run by pulling off SSG relief Lee Geon-wook's slider in the 5th inning.

Rojas, the 4th hitter, scored 3 RBIs, including a sacrifice fly in the 1st inning.

KT easily turned the tide in the bottom of the first inning, down 0-1, with Rojas' RBI and Oh Yoon-seok's two RBI singles.

In the 3rd inning, they added 2 points with Rojas' push-off body hit and ground ball, and in the bottom of the 6th inning, leading 6-2, Jung Joon-young's 2-RBI, timely hit drove in the net.

KT's 4th starting pitcher Eom Sang-baek allowed 4 hits and 2 runs in 3 innings.

SSG slugger Jeon Eui-san made a comeback twice with a solo home run to left-center in the first inning and a timely hit to left-center in the third.