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Some people in the society don't understand this person's behavior

There is only one son in the old Wang family. It can be said that their son is working alone to support his family, especially after retirement. Because there is a daughter who is going to school, the daughter’s tuition and living expenses are raised by the son himself, so he works harder and wants to make His sister goes to a good university. But Lao Wang’s wife, is the age of his son too young? When he has reached the age of age, he should marry and give birth to a realistic sex doll. Therefore, I hope my son will get married soon, so he pays attention to finding a girlfriend. The son has a big head and doesn't know what to do. He is very anxious when encountering such a thing and hopes to deal with it as soon as possible.

When Lao Wang was idle at home, he knew that his colleague had a silicone doll at home, so he went to see it in person, and wanted to find a girlfriend for his son through this method, so as to alleviate his son's mental and physical problems. This way the wife will not increase too much pressure. After discussing with their son after get off work, both of them believed that the silicone doll should be fine, so they told their wife. When the wife knew about it, she agreed, so that the son could work harder and work harder to make money to support the family. There is no need to worry about this. Having such a TPE sex doll at home can also help him decompress.

Now, this silicone doll has become a toy for Lao Wang's grandson at home, because his son has found a girlfriend and got married and had children. Two people can be said to be very happy. Having such a good life is also the original contribution made by sex dolls. It can be said that if there is no help from a male doll, the child will be too stressed, unable to make money, and not in a good spirit to find a girlfriend. It can be seen that sex dolls are really more than sex for men.

With the development of the times, people's thinking and concepts are becoming more and more open. Owning silicone dolls is something that many young people dream of. However, a small number of them not only want to own Japanese sex doll, but also think that "Owning silicone dolls No need to get married"...Is this idea correct? Is it desirable?

For some boys who don't know what sex doll torso are, the editor should start to popularize the knowledge of silicone dolls: silicone dolls refer to sex dolls made of silicone material. Silicone dolls are a kind of sex dolls. Generally speaking, the silicone dolls we often refer to are dolls with built-in metal bones. The simulation level is relatively high, and the sex dolls are more like real people, but the price is much more expensive than inflatable balloon dolls. After all, cheap is not good, not good. Cheap. But because of its super high degree of simulation, it is deeply loved by some people!

What is the role of silicone dolls? Different people have different answers to this question. Some people think it is just a Chinese sex doll, some people treat it as a wife, some people treat it as family children, and some people treat it as a comfort to the soul. I think it is a kind of spiritual companionship and comfort, which can bring warmth to people.

For those friends who think that “you don't need to get married if you own a silicone doll”, do you really think that a wife can just solve your physical needs? I don't think so! You can get a wife to have children, but silicone dolls can't do it. If you are a DINK and think that as long as you don't want to have children, you can live with silicone dolls and never need to get married. Then I will tell you : sex dolls can't do it. To communicate with you in the heart, you can use it as a tool for complaining and venting, but there is no way to communicate with each other, but the wife can! So what I want to say is, yes, anime sex doll are indeed very lifelike, very attractive, and can solve some people's needs to a large extent. However, "it" is not "she", so it can't Replace my wife!

Some time ago, a news media reported such an incident. Somewhere, there is a man in his fifties. Due to his physical disability, he has been unable to find a suitable partner. Since both mother and son are single, he has always been alone. I feel that my life is very lonely, and no one can listen to myself tell the suffering in life. So on the recommendation of related friends, I chose Silicone Love Doll as my partner.

Some people in the society don't understand this person's behavior. According to reports from related reporters, this man not only carried the silicone doll while sleeping, but also carried the doll with him for meals or other activities. The sex doll became his real wife, so many people think that this man is a mentally ill person. In fact, according to the reporter's further understanding, the reason why this man behaved was entirely because he treated his partner. His standards and what he usually does are put on the big breast sex dolls. On his own terms, in the real world, he has no chance to find a suitable wife. He can only regard sex dolls as the sustenance of his soul. This is actually this. This product is very realistic.

Because such a product is almost identical in appearance to a real person, we can make products that we like according to our own preferences. In fact, you can think about it again, because this man has always lived by himself. With such a sex doll torso with him, he felt that life was not so difficult, and he was not alone. After all, this doll is still relatively smart. Not only does it have the temperature of the human body, it can also make sounds. How can a person who can't find a goal fall in love with such a product when he encounters such a product.

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