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Some of Murhy's laws

Submitted by Peterbrown on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 14:08

A couple of days back, I got a request for technical assistance and assistance from a lawyer in western New York. This is not from the normal -- Empire Justice is popularly called an exceptional source for technical support on particular kinds of complicated civil legal issues.

This lawyer had a customer * who'd gone through an adventure which required delicate and sympathetic handling: both the nonconsensual recording and supply of romantic photos of the customer to the client's relatives. The shame, embarrassment, and feeling of despair experienced by the customer were excruciating. This individual, reluctant to get hold of law enforcement, desired to know whether there were additional legal choices, and when there was somebody who may offer non-legal service as they attempted to manage the devastating consequences of the offense.

Luckily, we could consult with the lawyer into a new legal source intended to help victims of crime: the recently established NY Crime Victims Legal Assist .

Working in partnership with an Advisory Committee, the aim was to make a legal aid system that would cover the civil legal requirements which New Yorkers face as a consequence of criminal victimization. The assistance of countless crime victims and their support providers was instrumental in the invention of the site, that's the centerpiece of the Network.

These are just the cases which were reported to the authorities, and we understand from our Requires Assessment a substantial proportion of victims not report the crime or seek assist.

There were a variety of explanations for why crime victims did not always seek out assist. The most powerful were:

They did not understand what solutions were available.
They did not believe anything can be accomplished.
They believed they could take care of the problem by themselves.
NY Crime Victims Legal Assist was made to help these folks.

The internet resource was made with the particular needs of crime victims in your mind. We wanted the website to be accessible and welcoming, contain information that is easy to discover and simple to comprehend, and be easy to use on any mobile device. The pictures on the site were selected to reflect the diversity of folks that are survivors of crime, while also communicating strength and hope, because folks are more than simply their own victimization, and positive results are also a fact -- particularly when individuals can get the help that they want.

A Legal Aid Directory is available to ensure that consumers can quickly find legal aid within their region. Simply pick your county and your legal problem to find legal aid close to you. Because greater than 1/3 of those crime victims in our poll reported that nobody informed them of the rights as a victim, we wanted to ensure users of the website might easily acquire this info. The Find Legal Forms segment has links to sterile forms and online applications which can enable you to produce the essential court records. At length, the Get Started alternative offers users a method of accessing these attributes simultaneously.

In 2019, our objective is to enlarge the authorized content on the site, expand the technical features of the internet tools, and expand the geographic scope of this NY Crime Victims Legal Assist to incorporate all areas in New York State outside of nyc.

We are piloting the website so as to find useful comments about its usefulness for the two men and women who've been victims of crimes and also for service providers. Is the information simple to comprehend and useful? Are there any sections which ought to be simplified, or enlarged? Are there any subtopics inside the Know Your Rights department which have to be contained? As soon as we enlarge the legal material, what legal matters ought to be addressed and what regions of victimization ought to be included?

Whether you're a civil legal lawyer, an individual service provider, a victim advocate, or even a crime victim, your continuing advice, participation, and support are all very important to the development of the undertaking. Contact me with any ideas, questions, or suggestions for enhancing the internet source, or email me in if you would like to become involved with the Crime Victims Legal Network.

Consider each the folks this system might assist, if they just knew about it.

(*Details of this lawyer, client, as well as were billed or omitted to safeguard somebody's privacy.) Read more -