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Simple Steps to Improve the Page Loading Time on a Website

Noone wants a slow website. Web users want a smooth experience when browsing. Instant results are what pleases web visitors, and it is what keeps them coming back for more. Page loading speed is critical in improving the conversion rate as well as user experience.

In today’s competitive world, it is crucial to have a fast website, otherwise you might lose a lot of potential customers. Page loading time matters a lot, because it influences several other aspects such as SEO and ranking.

It is important to realise that people will likely abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore you should use the following simple steps to improve the page loading time and stand ahead of your competitors.

Steps to Improve Page Loading Speed
Understanding the way to reduce page load speed improves the overall performance of your website. Here are the steps to follow to speed up the loading of your web pages.

1. Limit the Number of HTTP Requests
There are several elements of a webpage that are downloaded when a page is loading for the first time. These include scripts, stylesheets, images. Most of the load time is used up loading these elements.

Reduce the size of each element and also focus on CSS, JavaScript and HTML files on a particular page.

2.Compress Images
Another important step to take to boost your page loading speed is to compress images. Bulky images cause strain on the loading time of your page. There are several plugins you can use to compress your images.

3. Apply Browser Caching
Caching involves downloading web page elements to a temporary location, so when you open the same page another time it will load faster due to no HTTP requests. You should enable caching on your website to speed up your page loading.

4. Leverage Content Delivery Network (CDN)
By using CDN, you will be using the outside servers to deliver content to your visitors. This is useful especially for a high traffic website. CDN caches your entire website on servers around the world, so when users make a request, the content is delivered to them from the nearest server.

Every digital marketer should be able to understand how to optimise page loading speeds. These few steps will significantly boost the speed of your website. If you need help in website creation, design, SEO, and any other digital marketing services, contact Anchor Digital today to get professional help.