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Should I buy a sex robot?

10 years ago I advised against this. But given the state of dating right now, if as a man you're less than 6 feet tall, not single digit body fat, not very beautiful hair and teeth, and not having at least 6 figures in a year, you're not even considered Check, when you do manage to meet a woman and get into some kind of ambiguous relationship, she might get tired of your normality and stability and she will leave you, so it seems more urgent and realistic to buy a sex robot.

The whole world thinks spending a few hundred bucks on a sex doll in stock is some kind of psychopath.
Yes, there is a small percentage of people who see their sex doll in stock as a partner, but really who cares? If those guys are happy, why are you so worried? At least the doll won't leave you.

If you don't want to jump ship and buy sex dolls, save your money and hire an escort once or twice a month, you can hang out with sexy women and sex is guaranteed at the end of the night.

But don't assume that these people who lost their clothes in divorce court, lost custody of their children, and lost their minds to women "win" in some way.

To brag about a relationship with IROKEBIJIN Doll is like a sheep brag about how good a trip to the slaughterhouse is.
It depends on your choice. If you are single, I think IROKEBIJIN Doll can help you solve temporary physical desires, but the premise is to choose a regular store like Oksexdol to buy dolls, and be responsible for your own health, not all sellers are regular.

But I don't encourage people to use sex dolls instead of real women, because real women are sex dolls that can never be replaced, a daughter has her own thoughts, her own desires, she will resonate with you in bed, but a sex doll won't , love doll can make you know what kind of woman you are looking for in the future, so if you don't have a partner, I think Irontech Doll is also a good choice. Of course, you can also try to enjoy the pleasure of sex dolls with your partner.