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The response to Gregory's invitation to organize

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The response to Gregory's invitation to organize was overwhelming, 30 students showed up to his after-school meeting. They were a politically diverse group of kids, Gregory said, so they formed small discussion groups and came up with a prom dresses mission for school safety.

“When I was approached about this, I was hesitant, but then I understood that the politics of the committee couldn’t be about gun control,” Venturo said.

The 17-year-old doesn't hunt but said her father does. Venturo said Friday that she's aware of a gun in her house, but its kept locked up. She's never seen it.

Vermont is the 15th safest state in terms of deaths by firearms, with a rate of 11.1 gun deaths per 100,000 people, according to the a Center for wedding dresses Control database. Massachusetts, Vermont's southeastern neighbor, is the safest state at 3.4, but it is also one one of the most densely populated. BY here now...come here for more details!