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A Quick guide to protect your home from unwanted pests

Your home is supposed to be your safe place, where you can go to relax and unwind. It can be a small studio apartment, townhouse or rural property, a home is what you make it. When something as small as ant can put all of that at risk, you really must do everything you can to protect it. You see, pests come in all shapes and sizes, and some more severe than others. However, eliminating the threat is all you can do. The question is, what is the best way to eliminate the threat of pests? Here is a quick guide to protect your home from unwanted pests.

Eliminating Food Sources

Like all living animals, pests need food to survive. The best way to deter pests from setting up and calling your house theirs is to not have any food for them. Simple things like crumbs on the floor, open rubbish bins and any open food containers left laying around. Rats, cockroaches, flies, and ants will all be attracted to food, so the simplest way is to keep your house tidy, clean up any food and have secure rubbish bins.

Proper Drainage

Some pests will only survive with still water around the property. Mosquitoes will lay their larvae on still water, and suddenly you have thousands of mosquitoes flying around your house. If that isn’t enough of an initiative to get drainage fixed, still water will only provide a water source for even larger pests like rats. They thrive in damp areas, and rats can be extremely difficult and expensive to get rid of. Even if you have drainage, it is important to maintain the drainage and make sure they are sealed and cleaned. By having no still water around, you are giving yourself the best chance to control pests on the Gold Coast.

Sealing your home

The smallest cracks and holes around your home is all pests need to gain access into your house and begin creating a nest. Considering there are several doors and windows that go directly outside, this can be a little difficult to keep on top of. The easiest and best way to take care of sealing your house from pests is to have fly and security screens on all doors and windows. Companies have developed screens that act as security and fly screens in one, meaning you get double the value. This investment works well at pest control on the Gold Coast.

Waste Disposal
This can be seen as a simple one, however is super effective. When disposing of garbage and waste, do so in a timely manner. Do not leave food containers or full garbage bags outside, this will attract all types of pests. Take them directly from your house into the proper large bins that are regularly picked up. This takes away all chances for pests to get a hold of any food.