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Quick Guide Canon Pixma TS3222 Setup

The Canon Pixma TS3322 is a multi-functional printer that enables you to print, copy, and scan many documents at once. It is equipped with some gorgeous features for an exciting experience when using this printer to do your work. Downloading the suitable printer software and drivers is a necessary step for printer operation in order to ensure ongoing use. It only takes a few simple steps to setup the Canon Printer ts3322 Manual. You must begin the setup of your Canon Pixma TS3322 printer using the Easy Wireless Connect method on your PC. For that:

  • Start by pressing and holding the Direct button on your printer device for a short period of time. When you see a light glowing on the LCD, stop pressing the button.
  • Check the LCD of your printer to see if the Wi-Fi icon and the two horizontal bars on its bottom right side are blinking.

Specifications for the Canon Pixma TS3322
The Canon Pixma TS3322 has a replaceable 2-Cartridge FINE Hybrid Ink System, featuring an improved model with Wireless Connect in use, and a Paper Tray on the back that makes it simple and quick to reload plain and photo paper. The Canon Pixma TS3322 printer is a cutting-edge printer model because it also includes a flatbed scanner. Additionally, the Canon ts3322 scanning from tablets and smartphones via the Canon Print app, MopriaF Print Service, and AirPrint. Your laptops and desktop computers with built-in Wi-Fi can also print from it.

How to ij.start.cannon ts3322 setup?
The ij.start.cannon/ts3322 needs to be configured in a few different ways. As follows:

  • Download the correct printer software and driver for your Canon Pixma TS3322 printer device by visiting the website
  • The driver file has now been opened. Double-click or use the right-click menu to launch the downloaded file.
  • Hold off until the installation is finished.
  • Install the printer on your device by following the on-screen instructions.

How can I download and run the Windows setup file for ij.start.cannon ts3322?

  • Download the setup at https://ij.start.cannon.
  • Once the download is finished, click the file to launch the setup. select "Start Setup"
  • A new window opens with a network security warning. After reading the warning, select Next.
  • A window with the License Agreement opens. To continue, read the agreement and press "Yes." Your setup installation will be cancelled if you choose No.
  • Choose whether to accept or reject the message request in a different window.
  • You will get another notification if you choose Do not agree. Select OK.
  • Click Yes to confirm the connection method.
  • A popup that prompts you to choose a network name will appear depending on your connection type. The network name (SSID) can now be chosen from the dropdown menu. If you are unsure of the network name, see the manual for your router. On the following page, after choosing the SSID, type the password.
  • The connection is now complete. Select Next.
  • You might try temporarily removing any security software if your printer is not recognised. You will need to open the printer's network connection ports if you don't want to disable the security software. To learn more about how to open these ports, consult the documentation for your security programme.
  • Once finished, select Next.
  • To download and install any additional software, click on Continue online.

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