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Proof Of Purchase: Should I Obtain Receipt For My Purchase?

This article aims to briefly discuss some of your consumer rights when purchasing a product from any retailer or wholesaler.
Why should I care to obtain a receipt for my purchase?
You always want to make sure that you obtain a receipt for your purchase. Think of a scenario where you purchase a product from a supermarket and as soon as you reach home you find that the product is faulty and that you need to replace it. Some retailers are relaxed when you wish to exchange the product in the prescribed return period if you paid using your credit card. But, the issue about the proof of purchase becomes bumpy when you paid cash to the retailer. You also need to obtain and keep your receipt in case you need to repair, replace or refund the product to the retailer or the wholesaler. It is always prudent to find out the repair, replacement, and refund policies for every item that you purchase whether using a credit card or cash.
My purchase was only $2, is the seller obliged to give me a receipt?
The short answer is yes. When you purchase any product

valued over $75, the businesses must give you a receipt. Even if the value is less than $75, you can still ask for a receipt. If the receipt cannot be provided at the time of purchase and you asked for it regardless of the amount, the business has seven days from the purchase date to provide you with the proof of your purchase, being a receipt.
What a valid receipt should contain?
A valid receipt should display the business’ name or its ABN or ACN number, date of supply, and the name of the product plus its price. If the GST is applicable, the display must inform as how much you are paying for the GST in addition to the price of the item you purchase.
Do I need to ask what the price of the product is?
No, you shouldn’t have to. The law requires businesses to display the total price for each product displayed for sale. Either a tag is attached to the product you are looking to purchase, or the price must be visible on the item itself. Businesses usually label the products with their final price and that must include GST.
Disingenuous price offers
You need to be diligent about some offers that simply do not make any sense. For instance, it would be quite unusual that you to be told that a gold bracelet or necklace can have a 70% discount from its total price, as it was. The prices must also be genuine and match with what has been advertised or promoted in the advertisement you found them.
Can I ask the business for an itemized bill for the service they rendered to me?
Yes, you can. You have up to 30 days from the purchase date to request that the business provide you with an itemized statement. Such a statement, at minimum, should inform you of how the price was calculated and the list of materials used, and the amount charged for them, where applicable. The business must provide the itemized statement to you within seven days of the request.
I am tired of keeping hard copies of the receipts. Is there any alternative?
Yes, there is. If you so desire, you may download an application called the ACCC Shopper for smartphones and tablets from iTunes for Apple iOS users, and Google Play for Android users that, among other things, enables you to store digital copies of your receipts.
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