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Princess Diamonds: Know More Information Before Buying

The most popular shape of a diamond is a princess cut diamond. These are modern preferences on the traditional round-cut diamond. It features a square shape, with a pointed crown and a more pronounced pavilion. This gives it an appearance that resembles the shape of a crown or a castle turret. The shape is also called “square modified brilliant” to reflect this characteristic.

Why Princess Diamonds Are Popular Shape?

This cut is the most popular style of a diamond because they are so beautiful and timeless. It can be found in two different types: one with a full-cut crown, which means that all eight corners of the octagon are visible, and one with an incomplete crown, which means that some of the corners are not visible.

Princess Diamond Uses

Princess Diamonds are one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings, and they are also popular for their versatility when it comes to other jewellery pieces like pendants, necklaces, and earrings. They are popular because they can be set in any direction to suit the wearer’s preference or style. Fancy diamonds are also used in engagement rings, Diamond rings, wedding bands because they have an elegant look and they sparkle beautifully.

Princess Diamonds Price

Princess Diamond Price is determined by four factors: the cut, the clarity, the colour, and the carat weight. These are graded on a scale from D to Z. The most popular grades are D to F. 

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