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The price of a custom sex doll

If there is a sexual need, is it better to go outside to pick up girls or to have a sex doll? To be honest, if we have our own requirements for appearance or figure, then choosing a sex doll that can be customized may be a better choice. You must know that the cost of picking up girls is inherently high, and you may not meet your own liking. It is better to have a sex doll. The design like a real person can give us the greatest satisfaction, especially the private part The matte finish is terribly tender. I just don't know its price?

You get what you pay for, and you have to pay a certain price if you want to get the most sexual enjoyment. With the advancement of technology, silicone sex doll are becoming cheaper and more widely used. Many people even think that if they want to find a partner just for sex, why not choose it? Being like a real person can completely comfort our lonely hearts, and if we like big breasts, we can also customize it, but the question of whether a sex doll is expensive or not has always made many people dare not do it.

The price of fully functional male sex doll is generally high. Maybe some people have relatively high requirements for sex life, even custom sex dolls should be good, this is understandable. Then you have to live within your means and see how high you can accept the price. Generally speaking, the higher the straightness of the real imitation, the higher the price. Is it expensive to customize a sex doll? It really differs from person to person. Those with ample economy don't feel expensive even if they buy a good one, and those with a tight economy feel that they can't pay even if they buy bad.