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Penpal- the importance and finding the best penpal

Writing letters to pen pals is still fascinating and brings so many benefits to children and young people, especially when the whole class is involved. No more social media; paper is better. In an era dominated by instant messaging, why not take a dip in the past and go back to the dear old letter that smells like ink?
And thatÕs not all: accustomed to immediate replies and images that travel on chats at the speed of light, experiencing the typical expectation of the epistolary experience is certainly a new and different way of communicating for kids. In fact, you need to train patience to write a letter, send it and then wait for an answer. Read this article to explore in detail the importance of having a pen pal and how to trouver un correspondant américain.

Pen pal- How important it is to have one
Having a pen pal can have huge benefits. LetÕs see some of them, the others you will have to discover by yourself!
Develop alchemy and understanding of other values ​​and cultures. Coming into contact with people who live in an environment different from ours broadens the mind and the vision of the world.
Writing letters promotes patience and gives gratification. The minimum time it takes for a letter to reach its destination is about a week; writing to someone very distant, however, allows you to learn to be patient in a world where we can have everything immediately. The emotions of waiting and the joy you feel when you find that envelope in your letterbox are truly indescribable.
Allows you to collect stamps! ItÕs one of the fun things about having a pen pal. The more friends of different nationalities you have, the more stamps from around the world you can receive! Who knows, maybe there are the most ardent ones who have friends from all continents and all countries, just to collect all the stamps in the world!
Opportunity to travel. Who doesnÕt have the dream of traveling to all continents, visiting exotic places, cities of art, pristine seas, and snow-capped peaks? Having a pen pal offers this (wonderful) opportunity.
And if you really donÕt want to have the constant commitment to write to someone, you can always collect postcards thanks to the online site which, with an algorithm, gives you a random correspondant américain of a person to send the postcard to.
How to find a pen pal?
In this modern era full of text messages, emails, and WhatsApp, where even the fax is now obsolete, where to find a pen pal, you ask? Well, in this world, there are many more nostalgic sentimentalists of dear old paper than you would dare to imagine.
On the internet, you will find many sites and outil linguistique in this regard, where you can write real announcements to look for a pen pal, introducing yourself and specifying the requirements that a potential pen pal should have. You can browse through the ads that are already available or create one and let your pen pal come to you.