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Other new additions are quality-of-life adjustments

Submitted by anqilan456 on Fri, 11/25/2022 - 20:49

Essences is one of the more advanced customization options being introduced in Rise of Azshara. The game also introduces punchcards with colored sockets that are reminiscent of gems buy WoTLK Gold . This game has a feel of comfort for long-term players, and that comes from the desire to create greater flexibility.

"I consider that all of these developments are variations of what we've done before, but in a manner that makes it seem like there are a lot of ways to tailor your character, which is strictly based on item level," Feasel said. "So there's always a option to log in and figure out, okay that's how I'd like to improve my character now. There are ten options for you to do that."

Other new additions are quality-of-life adjustments. Mount capabilities, for example allow you to equip your mounts with additional characteristics that they do not have by default. The particular example Blizzard gave was the Water Strider, which has the water-walking ability. The new mount systems, you are able to equip this ability to any mounted. The studio was very frank about this , claiming it was a response to a bit of frustration, but the studio took an approach that was more expansive than the feedback required.

"We are currently looking at a situation in which we've heard two points from the public," Kowalkowski stated. "One was, I'm tired with using the Water Strider everywhere and at the beginning of every expansion for at least six months WoTLK Classic Gold. It was also because of water walking, I felt like it was a very strong ability at that time. The response could be, well, we'll just make sure that water walking is covered using their mount, and that was among the issues we talked about.