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The origin of the wedding dress, how much do you know about the wedding dress

Submitted by blueandred on Thu, 07/22/2021 - 03:58

The prototype of the wedding dress came from ancient Greece in 1700 AD, with the Minoan III Dynasty aristocratic dress. The silhouette of this dress could be concave to show the female figure, the front bared, sleeves to the elbow, chest, waist area by the line cord tied below the breast, the lower body with a bell-shaped bodice skirt, the overall tight-fitting clothing, set the tone of the wedding dress. However, it was Queen Victoria of England who really brought the wedding dress to life.
Queen Victoria wore an elegant white wedding dress for her wedding. Since then, the white wedding dress has been the official wedding dress. For her wedding, Queen Victoria wore a white dress made of beautiful Chinese brocade with an 18-foot long trailing tail and a white veil, stunning the room from head to toe in pure white.
There is also a romantic legend about wedding dresses. Legend has it that in 16th century Europe, the Irish royal family loved to hunt and one late afternoon, the royal noblemen took their shotguns and went out hunting. On his way, he met Miss Rose, who was washing clothes by the river, when Count Charles fell in love with her at first sight. She was impressed by the handsomeness and good looks of Count Charles. The two of them fell in love with each other in the feudal society of the time. When Count Charles returned from his hunting trip, he could not sleep at night and had the courage to propose to marry Miss Rose, which was opposed by the royal family, who strongly defended the royal bloodline.
However, due to his insistence, Count Charles had no choice but to make a request that could not be fulfilled at the time. It was the request for a white holy robe, and Miss Rose was asked to complete it overnight, and also the length required to match, from the witness stand in the exclusive Irish royal chapel to the white robe in the church hall (it was simply a forced demolition of the couple) However, Miss Rose stayed up all night to be with Count Charles, and the whole town worked together to sew the exquisite, simple yet royal and magnificent 16m white robe at dawn The next day, the white robe was delivered to the Irish royal family. The wedding was finally promised with the permission of the King and Queen of Ireland. It was a love affair that went off with a bang. It was also to be the most basic of the wedding dresses that followed.
The white gown with a trailing hem now worn by the bride was originally a Catholic ceremonial dress, and the wedding dress is the most important dream of every girl's life. These are the origins of the wedding dress, and the romantic legend. Don't miss out on the most important person in your life. Give her a grand wedding, give her a home and the rest of your life will be full of happiness.Read more at:short formal dresses | formal dresses brisbane