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Natural Fibers and Vital Components of Textile Industry

Natural fabrics are made from animal hair fibers, plant seeds, leaves, stems and silkworm cocoons. These fibers are then spun into filaments and ropes, which are then woven, knitted and bonded to fabrics. Above all, natural fibers are soft, resistant and comfortable to wear; In addition, they do not change color with UV light.
Natural fibers range from cotton fibers (which are cheap and widely used in the textile world) to specialty fibers such as cashmere (which are luxurious, rare and expensive). Tell us about them here:
Cotton: Also known as a year-round fabric because it adapts to all temperatures, cotton is considered the most comfortable and safest fabric to wear. Nearly 60% of the total cotton fiber produced is used as yarn and thread in consumer clothing such as shirts, T-shirts, jackets, jeans, jackets, underwear, etc.
Hemp: This fiber is made from the bark of a plant called Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp is known for its warmth, softness and durability. That is why it is used to make clothing that can withstand harsh conditions and last longer. Hemp is also used to make rope, canvas and paper. When hemp fibers are spun and woven, they form a linen-like fabric. This fabric is used to make clothing, Textile Industry, carpeting, etc.
Wool: It is a multifunctional fiber obtained from sheep. Sheep are sheared once a year for their wool. This process starts with brushing to remove dirt and grease from wool. The cut wool is then carded, combed and spun into fibers to make fabrics and knits. The wool fabric is resistant to dirt and wear and does not crease easily. It is a soft, strong and durable fabric that provides warmth and a beautiful appearance.
Silk: The fibers in the silk fabric come from the Bombyx Mori silkworm, which feeds on mulberry leaves. The worms release silk as a liquid that hardens and forms threads. Silk thread is used as sewing thread in silk and home Textile Industry. Silk fabrics have a natural beauty and provide cozy warmth in winter. This property of silk is used by various fashion brands to make fashionable clothes and underwear.
Cashmere: This Textile Industry fabric is made from cashmere goat hair and is therefore very expensive. Because it is relatively warm and soft, it is mainly used to make cashmere sweaters and baby clothes. Pashmina (a type of cashmere) is used to make shawls and shawls.
In addition, there are various other fibers that fall into the natural fiber category, such as bamboo, soybeans, camel, alpaca, flax, hemp, maize, etc. In addition, experts are trying to develop substances from plants such as wheat, rice and beetroot. .