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My Microphone Creates Echo Problems When Used in Vista - What to Do?

Submitted by Tianli on Sun, 01/31/2016 - 21:45

This is common with Vista operating electret condenser microphone system that creates problems when it detects outdated and the old drivers installed in the system. Try to call in help from the online computer support.

There might be a microphone echo problem while you try to start your webcam. The webcams that are installed in your laptop or that you install in your desktop have in-built microphones. So, if there is incompatibility of the settings of the webcam that with the Vista then you might suffer from the echoing problems. The tech support will lend you proper ways to fix computer issues.

The issue has occurred as qin yi electronic Vista might not get compatible with the Audio device and the related software applications that are not compatible with it. Moreover, there can be issues like two audio softwares installed simultaneously might be at conflict when you try to play the Audio player. Remote tech support can be an easy resort to your problem.

Fix the Audio Conflict

When you try to connect an external qinyitecs speaker and a microphone to the computer, this might create an echo. Make sure to lower the speaker volume as this might reduce the echo to some extent. Get to volume settings from the control panel and adjust the volume by handling the slider. However, the echo might happen when two external speakers are kept too close to one another or too close to the computer. Maintain a distance between the speakers and also between the external speakers.

Take care of the Webcam Microphones

The echo might be normal when your webcam picks up the noise when switched on. If you have external speaker attached to your computer or have a headset then try to put the webcam on mute mode. You should try by reducing the webcam's microphone sound level and test for the echoing. The webcam software will help you to adjust the sound. Moreover, you can take online computer help to download webcam software.

Try to fix the Sound card problem

Make sure that the sound card installed in your computer is working all fine. The echo might happen if there is any corruption, distortion and problem generating from the sound card. Make sure that you have updated the drivers.