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Mourinho then sent a no front front

Mourinho then sent a no front front, the attacking group consisting of Azar, Oscar, within Debra, Xu Earle composition, face Manchester United have scored the last three recorded Mata on the bench Torres also missed the first episode. Both sides in the ring before the FIFA 16 game in the stadium was silence at the location. With the referee's whistle Atkinson, the first half of the race beating the drums of war. Match the first 11 minutes, cheap fifa coins Chelsea right wing attack, Xu Earle siege to get the other side of the ball, the ball reached the restricted area horizon Road, Ferdinand siege did not put the ball away, the ball landed just outside the restricted area at the foot of the Oscar, Oscar kept the ball homeopathy on long-range kick, Manchester United goalkeeper Degea stations good, firmly hold the ball. A minute later, Manchester Road, offensive, make a beautiful fit, collusion when Welbeck deliberately a leak, Xiecha Van Persie ready to ball, the ball was back shovel the bottom line. Race to the first 22 minutes, many Earle left wing the ball, cross over to the Lulanpade, Lampard kept knocking the ball directly to the frontier closed area of ​​the Oscar, Oscar kicker shot, but the ball wide of the goal. The first 28 minutes, Manchester United attack, Cleverley Road sent straight ball, Rooney restricted area inside the ball, get rid of Cahill's defense, kicker shot, but did not send the force, the ball was Cech confiscated. The two sides deadlocked, tackle action gradually become larger, Valencia two successive fierce Chanqiang ultimate team Chelsea players, was the referee Atkinson warned. The first 31 minutes, Van Persie inside Debra fierce Chanqiang got the FIFA 16 game's first yellow card. The first 34 minutes, Welbeck in the left wing the ball, the ball reached the restricted area in the horizon, the ball is broken defender Cahill. 40 minutes before the FIFA 16 game, the two sides battling in the midfield, the center of the box is not much threat. The first 43 minutes, Chelsea Road instigated offensive, within Debra straight ball to Adjara, Adjara restricted area fell to the ground back to the middle of the Oscar, which is to keep up hit the door, but unfortunately the ball too positive, It is hugged Degea. Half of the FIFA 16 game ended, the two sides are four times the number hit the door, the data are evenly matched, but the door is not easy to want to break the opponent, Wayne Rooney led Manchester United starting lineup before the offensive, he did not receive transfer rumors influence, and with Robin van Persie still skilled. Chelsea,