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The most complete history of composite wood floor maintenance knowledge

If you master the following composite wood floor maintenance knowledge, and as such maintenance, to ensure that your wood flooring 100 years without any problems.
A) maintain good indoor ventilation and dry environment. Regularly maintain good indoor ventilation, either the composite wood floor as much as possible of the volatile chemical substances, discharged to the outside, but also allows moist air exchange with the outdoors indoors. Especially in the prolonged absence of human habitation, the maintenance, the interior of <a href="">exterior vinyl deck coverings</a>. Common practice: often open a window or door, but do not let air convection, air conditioning systems and can be used ventilation system, thereby creating a cool, dry and clean environment.
B) Avoid exposure to sunlight and rain water. Some houses sunshine or rain to enter the local area directly from the windows of the room, which will have a multi-layer parquet harm. The sun will accelerate the aging of paint and glue, can also cause shrinkage and cracking parquet. After rain water, wood flooring expansion deformation caused by the absorption of moisture, but also a serious multilayer parquet mildew. Therefore, pay special attention in daily use.
C) maintain the relative humidity appropriate. It should normally be 45% to 75% for the best.
D) to avoid damage to laminate flooring surface. Multi-layer parquet flooring finish both decorative layer is a protective layer of the floor, therefore, should avoid scratching hard object hit, weapon, metal friction, etc., chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, indoor furniture in handling, moving with care, furniture legs should put rubber pad hides. Public places, should blanket carpet in the main channel. Place mats at the entrance foyer is recommended to reduce dirt or sediment into.
E) correct cleaning care. In everyday use, the floor should be cleaned regularly to keep clean the ground. When cleaning, first with a clean broom to sweep dust and debris, and then use the cloth wrung water artificial wipe, <a href="">metal building wall panels</a>, you can wash cloth mop, then hung up to drip dry water droplets, to net dragging the ground. Cut can not use water, do not use wet cloth or mop to clean up. Usually if there is an aqueous substance spilled on the ground, it should immediately wipe with a dry cloth. If conditions permit, we can also play from time to time between one floor wax to enhance the protection of the composite wood floors. If the paint surface is damaged, you can make your own with ordinary varnish or ask the manufacturer for repair.