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Middle-aged women's down jackets are matched like this

Submitted by blueandred on Mon, 11/22/2021 - 00:17

A woman who does not pay attention to her own image is not attractive. Not every woman is naturally beautiful, especially mature middle-aged women. As they age, wrinkles creep up to the corners of their eyes. Instead of sitting and waiting for death, it is better to dress yourself seriously. Seductive, but also nourishing.
Some people say that clothing is the second skin of a woman. Wearing appropriate and decent clothing can add color to your image, and it can also make you confident. Today, I will share two coats suitable for middle-aged women. They are warm, stylish and easy to wear, and easily show the charm and style of women.
The short down jacket has a certain swelling feeling. It looks warm and full. The short style does not appear too heavy, but it can give people a neat and soft feeling. Compared with the long style, its biggest advantage is that it can stretch the legs without pressing down on the height, and it looks good on women with petite figures.
Short down jacket
Short down jackets are most suitable to create a body proportion that is short and long, so it is particularly important for the matching of the lower body. You can choose the right trousers or skirts according to your body shape. For women with slender and beautiful legs, leggings are more able to outline beautiful lines; if you are not confident about your body, loose straight-leg pants and tapered. Pants are better to control.
The collocation of trousers or skirts and short boots in the same color can form a continuation of the color, which is visually more conducive to the lengthening of the body, showing height and thinness. Take this look, for example, a caramel-colored short down jacket with a black butt-covered long skirt. The top is short and the bottom is long, showing the perfect proportions of the figure. A pair of black mid-heel short boots without color cuts make the legs more visible. Slender.
The way of color echoing from top to bottom is also a collocation skill for showing height and temperament. That is to say, the color of the coat or hat is similar to the color of the shoes, which can form an effect of echoing up and down, and will be more visually coherent, bringing overall awareness.
Down jacket is an indispensable item in winter. Almost one is hand-made. Naturally, it is easy to smash the shirt. If you want to wear a stylish and distinctive item, you need to think about it. Although the little black trousers are very versatile, they are relatively ordinary. You can try to use the down jacket and skirt to match the temperature and grace at the same time.
Down jacket collocation + skirt
A down jacket with a half-length skirt must avoid a wide top and a wide bottom. It is short and lacklustre, and has a loose and tight shape to achieve a degree of relaxation. For example, in this body shape, the upper body is a short black down jacket with a gray tight-fitting sweater, and the lower body is matched with a slender long plaid skirt. The color jumps are lively and fashionable.
The half skirt chooses a long style for better warmth. You can add a variety of tight-fitting warm artifacts inside the skirt, which can create the elegant beauty of a long skirt, but also keep warm, especially for middle-aged women. To treat your body well, mature you must know that health is the prerequisite for beauty.
Women who like romance can choose to wear the down jacket open, and create a beautiful body curve by exposing the inside. Even if wearing a wide and long down jacket, it will not appear bloated and fat.
Quilted down jackets are better than fluffy bread jackets to meet women's desire to look thin, while maintaining warmth. With the dense quilting process, it will not cause the body to be widened, which is good-looking and fashionable.
Quilted down jacket
This down jacket is durable and easy to take care of. The regular stitch processing on the down jacket can play a role in fixing the down, and it will not be agglomerated after being worn for a long time or after washing. It is both light and warm when worn on the body. The long down vest also has the advantage of wearing more than one coat. With the change of the inside, the image displayed is more abundant.
I like a free and casual style. The best choice for down jackets is to choose a large or not a small one. The loose style can leave a certain amount of space, add breathability and relax the body and mind at the same time. The empty feeling will also bring out the figure. slim.
One of the reasons why wearing a down jacket is not good is that the choice of the inner layer is inappropriate. The inner layer is too thick or the color is not matched, which is a factor of inconsistency. For example, this light gray quilted down jacket is spacious and casual, with a white turtleneck sweater + black cropped trousers inside. The basic color scheme is simple, natural and fashionable.
Long down jackets are always slightly heavier. When the weather is not cold, many fashionable ladies like to wear a powerful coat to reflect their charming style, which can not only lock the temperature, but also form a picture of walking with wind. .
The coat is fashionable and temperament
Everyone loves coats in autumn and winter, which can protect you from the cold and make you appear in the most beautiful posture. It is fashionable and cool. Long coats can not only enhance your taste, but also support your aura, making you look personable when you walk. However, the length of the coat is not as long as possible. Choosing a style that matches the body is more temperamental.
The most important thing to wear long coats is to adjust the body proportions. For example, this light pink coat, with gentle and elegant colors, makes people feel her gentle feminine charm immediately when worn on the body. The large flower-shaped collar, the length up to the waistline, can easily adjust the ratio of the top to the short to the bottom of the golden figure.Read more at:hot pink formal dresses | emerald green formal dress