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For a middle-aged woman who doesn't know what to wear, why not try an all-print fashion item

Submitted by blueandred on Wed, 08/11/2021 - 04:10

Every woman wants to make their own wear different, this idea is often regardless of age, but can let the older women choose the collocation of single goods is not much, so how to in the limited choice of collocation out of the bright eye, different, but can show their temperament collocation? It's a print that's about to do its job! Add your own prints to simple combinations for extra sparkle.
Of course, print isn't just a random choice. Which prints are more appropriate for older women? I'll give you the most complete print today.
The first is the most classic and versatile plaid print. Although it cannot be counted as a print in the narrow sense, plaid can also make a simple match show a different feeling.
You can choose prints of the same color system like in the picture to show the layered feeling of wearing through the combination of shades, but the same color can also show a similar style, which can fully show the overall elegant temperament of older women.
The pattern of lattice and kind are very rich, this also is why he can let the reason that most women love, besides the lattice of same kind of color system, also can try to contrast the lattice single that color system presents to be tasted.
For example this in the picture, it is to regard white as the mass-tone tone that wear build, the fine line of a few black is equipped above, make a very big grid, this kind of collocation presents the style of contracted atmosphere all the more, suit the domely woman of all-powerful in on-the-job field most.
At selected grid sheet is tasted, the color collocation is particularly important, a more daily contracted fastens collocation is the brunet department as the backing, with some more delicate bright line, this way of colour collocation, neither let the whole outfit looks too messy, and also can have the effect of the reduction of age, especially bright eye.
And for the short style of the single goods, you can choose a few smaller grid, as if in the picture such a long style of the single goods, or large grid will appear more handsome.
The contracted version of grid is line, but relative to grid, the appearance rate of line is not high, and want to match a perfect effect, to figure and temperament requirements are higher.
This collocation in the picture is the style of combination of vertical stripe and horizontal stripe photograph, the line combination of two kinds of different directions, form a kind of small collision, let a complete set of collocation look a lot of bright eye, in the meantime, the matching color of black and white also retained contracted and easy basic temperament.
The stripe of different direction, to wear build the gain of whole effect also is different, for instance horizontal stripe suits slant thin girl more, want to wear a crisp temperament, it can let wear build more loose on the vision.
Vertical stripes, like this one, are good news for overweight women. They visually elongate the body and make older women look more energetic. Vertical stripes are a great choice if you're looking for a dress.
Some of the above prints are more regular. Next, LET's take a look at some irregular patterns and prints.
The first is the dot, the dot is not too dense, so the size of the dot is very important, if the dot is too small, it will be too dense, if the dot is too big, it will be a little too loose, so it is best to figure such a medium dot, properly distributed in the overall collocation, forming a perfect ornament.
Geometric patchwork color is also a good choice, but patchwork color collocation if paired with the top, it will appear more messy, more suitable for the bottom.
Be like this one in the picture, tie-in upper half body chooses the base of pure color department, and lower half body matches a geometry to spell color half body skirt, this kind does not have regular geometry color department, when tie-in color, must have key, can present the effect that gives a mess otherwise.
For older women, when choosing a print collocation, try to avoid too messy, everything is simple and elegant, can more show the strengths of older women.
The picture is a set of relatively simple and basic printing wear, using light yellow as the background color, with some leaves on the ink painting, both color collocation and pattern style, are just right to show the gentle and elegant side of women, full of charm.
Floral is a very popular print this year, becoming a key element of French collocation, but in fact, it is also very common in daily Japanese collocation, but compared with French, Japanese printing is more quiet, prefer cool colors like the picture, will line the whole person more advanced.
Of course, there are also some small routines on the color collocation, our common French flowers may be more beautiful and gorgeous, and in the older women more suitable for the Japanese system collocation, broken flowers are mostly on the white background to add the ornament of some simple color.
Older women don't have to wear solid colors all the time, but it's good to experiment with prints once in a while.Read more at: | long evening dresses